International PhD Scholarship

A new opening PhD position is available in Australia. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

A unique, exciting opportunity exists for gifted candidates interested in undertaking their PhD in the field of materialschemistry at Monash University.

On a globalscale, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen by about25% since the industrial revolution. The greenhouse effect of CO has been identified as a critical environmental problem. On the other hand,carbon dioxide is a potential source of single carbon fragments for futurefuels and chemicals. Therefore, converting CO to fuels and valuablechemicals is one of the best solutions to both the greenhouse effect and theenergy shortage problem.

We are developing advanced catalysts based onnanomaterials for conversion of CO to fuels and chemicals. We invited applications forenthusiastic PhD candidates to investigate the amazing properties of novelfunctional materials and their applications in CO conversion. The PhD projects focus onthe development of advanced catalysts and membranes based on mesoporous nanomaterialsfor solar-driven conversion of CO to liquid fuels under ambientconditions.

Successful applicants will have an excellent academictrack record in chemistry or materials science. An Honours or Masters degreewith H1 or equivalent is essential.

To submit an expression of interest application, pleaseemail the following documents to as PDF attachments:

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