Alfred Deakin Institute Hdr PhD International Scholarship

A fully-funded PhD fellowship in political science is available in Australia. There is no application deadline for this position.

The PhD candidate will work with Prof Ihsan Yilmaz to conduct research on any aspect of the research project on Muslim and Anglo-Australian co-existence in rural Australia.

This PhD project builds upon, and contributes to, an established research agenda of the Chair in Islamic Studies (Islamic Studies scholarships) and Intercultural Dialogue at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Dialogue, Deakin University.

The Chair aims to investigate the adoption of and adaptation to Australian identity by Muslim migrants over three generations in rural and regional towns and cities to generate new knowledge about migrant integration in rural/regional Australia (Australia scholarships) by employing a longitudinal interdisciplinary method, combining archival research, social-media analyses, surveys and interviews. Integrating approaches from Political Science, Political Psychology, Anthropology (Anthropology scholarships) and Sociology, this project will contribute to understanding of majority-minority relations in understudied rural/regional parts of Australia.

Mutual perceptions, anxieties, populism, victimhood, intergroup contact, friendship, civic and political participation, intergenerational difference, and impact of government policies at local-state-federal levels on the dynamics of this co-existence are some of the aspects of this project.

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