PhD in Risk Stratification and Screening in Early Pregnancy at Eindhoven University of Technology

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship in pattern recognition at Eindhoven University of Technology. This position is open until filled.

At present, during pregnancy (latest pregnancy scholarship positions) fetal well-being is mainly monitored clinically through fetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring, in combination with ultrasound scans (e.g. 20-week echo). A combined risk analysis based on these continuous complex signals and medical record data may permit strongly improved early identification of compromised fetuses. To this end you will combine the strengths of two worlds: mathematical cardiorespiratory (physics/physiology-driven) models of the fetus-placenta-mother system to understand this physiology, combined with data-driven models of large data sets in a compound multi-parametric risk-identification model for pattern recognition. An early risk stratification allows timely intervention and may thus aid in the prevention of severe complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The proposed approach of your research includes: 1) Retrospective study to investigate clinical personal data (Mxima MC) to develop multi-parametric predictive models and identify early elevated risks for early prediction of a.o. pregnancy-induced hypertension. 2) Develop continuous risk stratification using dynamic adaptive models throughout pregnancy with improved sensitivity of risk stratification. 3) Feasibility testing of the developed hybrid model in a (prospective) pilot study to create the basis for defining unobtrusive and/or home-based monitoring strategies for high-risk pregnancies. 4) Define strategies to provide integrated/connected care platform with improved user or patient engagement that enables participation in preventive (behavioral and/or clinical) care path for those at risk of developing key pregnancy complications.

You will contribute to the PICASSO project of Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC), in collaboration with Mxima MC and Philips Research and will work in a team of engineers and clinicians at all partner locations in Eindhoven/Veldhoven.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile and would you like to know more? Please contact Frans van de Vosse, Professor in CardioVascular BioMechanics, f.n.v.d.vosse[at]

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