Postdoc Position at Imperial College London

A new postdoc position in microbiology is available at Imperial College London. This position is closed on February 25, 2019.

A postdoctoral position is available at the Institute of Clinical Sciences (ICS) at Imperial College to work in the Host-Microbe Co-metabolism Group headed by Dr Filipe Cabreiro. We are located on the Hammersmith Hospital Campus in West London (W12). The institute has first-class facilities and provides investigators from clinical and basic science backgrounds with the opportunity to pursue innovative, multidisciplinary research within the excellence of Imperial College.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative postdoctoral scientist to join a diverse research team that works at the intersection of organismal biology, microbiology, metabolism and systems biology. Recent technologies and questions we have tackled include:

- We have developed a 3-way Host-microbe-Drug (Scott et al., 2017 Cell) and a 4-way Host-Microbe drug-nutrient (Pryor et al., in Revision) screening approach to investigate how drugs and nutrients impact host health.

- What are the metabolic pathways in bacteria that mediate the efficacy of fluoropyrimidine cancer therapy (Scott et al., 2017 Cell)?

- How does the anti-diabetic drug metformin metabolically rewire E. coli to increase host lifespan (Cabreiro et al, Cell 2013).

- How does the genetic landscape of an organism influence interventions for lifespan extension (Burnett, Valentini, Cabreiro et al, Nature 2011)?

The ideal candidate will aim to make a major contribution to our ongoing research program and, in addition, develop and carry out their own line of research within the group's areas of interest and expertise. Currently, we are positively obsessed with how the microbiome develops resistance to host targeted drugs and how this phenomenon regulates host health and disease.

Candidates must have a strong publication record, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a track record of addressing scientific problems in an innovative, creative, thoughtful and systematic manner. Candidates with an experimental background should have substantive experience in molecular techniques for the genetic manipulation of prokaryotes. Candidates with a mainly metabolism background should be proficient in handling mice and/or C. elegans as a model organism. Candidates keen to mix wet and dry lab computational work are particularly encouraged to apply. Whatever your background, a keen interest in metabolic or systems biology processes is a must.

Should you have any queries regarding the recruitment process please contact: Daisy Alasya-Wade at

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The College is a proud signatory to the San-Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which means that in hiring and promotion decisions, we evaluate applicants on the quality of their work, not the journal impact factor where it is published. For more information, see evaluation/


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