Usc Fully Funded PhD International Awards

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship in ecology in USA. Applicants should apply as soon as possible.

We have fully funded positions available for two outstanding PhD candidates, who will work towards evaluating the potential of restorative aquaculture to reverse human impacts on coastal marine environments, through the co-culture of seaweed and shellfish within the Moreton Bay marine park. The scholarships align with a FRDC funded project on the economic, environmental and social benefits of aquaculture.

Southeast Queensland is home to several large, urbanised estuaries that fall within multi-zone marine parks. This region is also one of the fastest growing in Australia. Rapid population growth creates a challenge for wastewater utilities to deal with the increase in nutrient loads. At the same time, aquaculture producers face reduced productivity due to environmental change, disease and algal blooms, and challenges associated with the business risks presented by monoculture. Aboriginal communities and corporations in the region are also investigating new opportunities to diversify income through sustainable projects that provide benefits for the environment and people.

Seaweed production offers a unique and timely solution to address some of the economic, environmental and social challenges in southeast Queensland. Seaweed farming is a 'no-feed' form of aquaculture; it is zero waste and compatible with shellfish farming and marine park zoning. Seaweeds grow quickly and strip nutrients from the water column, draw down carbon dioxide and can remove pollutants such as heavy metals. At the right scale, seaweed farming will reverse environmental change.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated academic excellence in ecology, biology or a related discipline relative to career stage and a strong commitment to improving the world with science. The ideal candidate will have the capacity to work with a diverse range of people and stakeholders as part of a large, multidisciplinary team. Strong quantitative, statistical and programming skills (preferably R) are desirable and the candidate must have fieldwork experience and an interest in broader communication of research findings.

Prior to completing an official application and for specific information about the research project, please contact one of the below supervision panel members.

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