Postdoctoral Position in Materials Characterization of Coatings at Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology is pleased to invite applicants to apply for a PhD position in mathematics. This position is available for six years. Applications should be sent before August 03, 2020.

Join us in the field of coating materials. We focus on coatings produced by thermal spray and electrodeposition. Recent interests are in production of sustainable coatings and in the integration of additives such as solid lubricants. Efforts will in the future also be devoted to coatings for AM-built components, which are inevitable for protection from aggressive environments and to impart desired surface functionality.

The main competencies at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science are found in the areas of: Human-Technology Interaction | Form and Function | Modeling and Simulation | Product Development | Materials | Production and in the interaction between these areas. The research develops the industrial process, from need to finished product while creating added value. To combine skills throughout the whole chain distinguishes the department both nationally and internationally. Here we gather internationally prominent researchers, in dynamic and outstanding research environments, as well as in national and international research networks.

Equality between women and men is a prerequisite for Chalmers to be a good place to work and study, and for us to develop as a technical university. The department has one of its prime objectives in contribution to overall gender equality of Chalmers with particular emphasis on Chalmers' fundamental values - quality, openness, inclusion, respect, diversity.

The Division of Materials and Manufacture (MM) is part of the Department of Industrial and Materials Science (IMS), addressing research questions related to additive manufacturing, powder technology, surface engineering, 2D-materials like graphene, surface coatings, nanomaterials, metal cutting and grinding. It also hosts the national competence centre CAM2 (Centre for Additive Manufacturing – Metals,

In the Surface and Microstructure Characterization Group at MM/IMS, there is long and extensive experience in the characterization of electrodeposited and thermal spray coatings. Lately, the incorporation of solid lubricants has become an important aspect and this is where your competence will be needed. Advantageous in that context, there is also a new research group at MM/IMS focusing on 2D materials like graphene (linking also to the Graphene Flagship). Also CAM2 will add to the stimulating environment you will be placed in.

You will be working with the characterization of different coating materials and investigate them with particular emphasis on the incorporated additives (distribution, phase characterization), thermal stability, and the evaluation of the material properties in e.g. wear tests.

Your major responsibility as postdoc (postdoc scholarships) is to perform your own research in the research group. The position involves coordinating specific research projects, collaborating within academia, industry partners, and of course with society at large. Teaching on undergraduate (undergraduate scholarships) and master (master scholarships) level as well as supervising master and/or PhD students may also be included. The position offers great opportunities for future research duties within academia as well as industry or the public sector.

To qualify for this position you need to have a PhD in materials science, material mechanics and/or production engineering, the degree should generally not be older than six years. Priority will be given to candidates with relevant background in materials characterization.

Skills in SEM, TEM, Raman, various testing methods and good understanding of the processing methods (thermal spray, electrodeposition, additive manufacturing), etc., are considered as merits. You are expected to be somewhat accustomed to teaching and project management, and you have good research and education potential.

The application should be marked with Ref 20200337 and written in English. The application should be sent electronically and be attached as pdf-files, as below:

- Introduce yourself, present your qualifications and describe your future research plans. Skills and experience in the topics requested has to be clearly indicated and confirmed by the supporting documents.

- Attested copies and transcripts of completed education (PhD degree and previous degrees), grades and other certificates, eg. TOEFL test results Please use the button at the foot of the page to reach the application form. The files may be compressed (zipped).

  • Chalmers declines to consider all offers of further announcement publishing or other types of support for the recruiting process in connection with this position. ***

Chalmers University of Technology conducts research and education in engineering sciences, architecture, technology-related mathematical sciences, natural and nautical sciences, working in close collaboration with industry and society. The strategy for scientific excellence focuses on our six Areas of Advance; Energy, Health Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Materials Science, Production and Transport. The aim is to make an active contribution to a sustainable future using the basic sciences as a foundation and innovation and entrepreneurship as the central driving forces. Chalmers has around 11,000 students and 3,000 employees. New knowledge and improved technology have characterised Chalmers since its foundation in 1829, completely in accordance with the will of William Chalmers and his motto: Avancez!

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