International PhD Thesis Position Cemef

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship in polymers in France. There is no application deadline for this position.

Due to the growth of population, the demand for textile products is increasing, leading, as a consequence, to the increase of their waste. Currently, most of textile waste is either incinerated or landfilled. Modern textiles are multicomponent materials making their recycling challenging. Innovative solutions are needed to help building circular economy

The goal of this work is to make new high-added value materials from waste textiles based on mixed natural (cotton, wool) and synthetic (polyester) components. The components will be separated and new high-added value porous materials, bio-aerogels, will be made.

The work is at the frontier of polymer chemical physics and materials' processing. It will involve the use of various techniques, including formulation, rheology, optical and electron microscopies, characterisation of solutions, blends and porous materials, and the understanding of thermodynamics of mixed solvents for cellulose and wool dissolution.

The experimental work will be performed in CEMEF (2/3) and in RAPSODEE (1/3) laboratories in close collaboration with CTP in what concerns theoretical thermodynamics. CEMEF is world leader in the development of biomass-based materials, in particular, in bio-aerogels. RAPSODEE is expert in shaping and characterization of divided solids/powders and CTP is a recognized expert in thermophysical properties and phase diagram determination, especially in solvent screening.

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