PhD Scholarship in Physics with Focus on Laserbased Diagnostics of New Combustion Concepts

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in sustainable development at Lund University. The funds for this position are available for 5 years. Eligible candidates should submit the applications before July 07, 2020.

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is repeatedly ranked among the world's top 100 universities. The University has 40 000 students and more than 8 000 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malm. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

The Department of Physics is with a staff of about 350 scientists and educators one of the largest departments within Lund University. There are seven research divisions and a number of research centra within the department. The research activities at the department cover a broad spectrum of modern physics.

LTH forms the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, with approximately 9 000 students. The research carried out at LTH is of a high international standard and we are continuously developing our teaching methods and adapting our courses to current needs.

The Division of Combustion Physics at the Department of Physics has conducted research on the development and application of laser-based techniques for the diagnostics of combustion (combustion scholarships) processes since the 1990s. The research is well established internationally and includes both fundamental studies and industrial applications of laser diagnostics. In recent years, the activities have expanded with diagnostics focused on other areas of application in energy conversion, spray phenomena, catalysis, plasma physics, material studies, as well as remote sensing (remote sensing scholarships) of the atmosphere, flora, and fauna. The research is often conducted together with partners at other departments at Lund University, at other universities, and in industry, both nationally and internationally. Some of the applied research requires unique experimental facilities and is therefore carried out on-site at other universities or our industrial partners’ R&D departments. In applied laser diagnostics, the department is world-leading in terms of equipment and expertise. The current research facility, the Enoch Thulin laboratory at the Department of Physics, was inaugurated in 2001 and today has more than 50 researchers.

A large part of the global energy supply still consists of the combustion of fossil fuels with a negative impact on climate and the environment. Access to renewable energy from clean sources is a prerequisite for the sustainable development (sustainable development scholarships) of our society. New fuels such as metal powders and ammonia do not form the greenhouse gas CO2. In addition, green energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power can be better utilized, as energy from these can be used in processes to form ammonia or metal particles that are later combusted. The new fuels thus provide new opportunities to cope with the energy supply of the future.

Would you like to contribute to this development? Are you interested in applying physics in a highly relevant field? Two Ph.D. students will be recruited for research on the optimum utilization of fossil-free fuels such as metal powder, ammonia, and biomass.

The two positions will mainly focus on studies of metal powder and ammonia. One possible distribution of the work is that the doctoral students specialize in one fuel each. However, since several of the tasks in the services are common, other arrangements are also possible.

The main duties of doctoral students are to devote themselves to their research studies, which includes participating in research projects and third cycle courses. The work duties can also include teaching and other departmental duties (no more than 20%).

Selection to postgraduate studies is based on the expected ability to perform well in the studies. The evaluation of the ability to perform well is based primarily on the results of studies at the basic and advanced levels, in particular:

Consideration will also be given to good collaborative skills, drive and independence, and how the applicant, through his or her experience and skills, is deemed to have the abilities necessary for successfully completing the third cycle programme.

Only those admitted to third cycle studies may be appointed to a doctoral studentship. Third cycle studies at LTH consist of full-time studies for 4 years. A doctoral studentship is a fixed-term employment of a maximum of 5 years (including 20% departmental duties). Doctoral studentships are regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), chapter 5, 1-7 .

Applications may be written in English or Swedish and should include a cover letter stating the reasons why you are interested in the position and in what way the research project corresponds to your interests and educational background. The application must also contain a CV, degree certificate or equivalent, a copy of your master's thesis or equivalent alternatively a summary in case the thesis has not been finalized, and other documents you wish to be considered (grade transcripts, contact information for your references, letters of recommendation, etc.).

We ask companies dealing with advertising job openings and staffing companies to refrain from seeking contact with us since we are bound by contracts in the governmental system.

The English version of this announcement is an interpretation of national formalities expressed in the Swedish text. In case of uncertainties, the Swedish text applies.

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