One PhD Scholarship Position in Curriculum Studies Specialising in Mathematics

Outstanding international students are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in teacher education at Uppsala University. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for four years in Sweden. Applications are invited up to September 30, 2020.

The Department of Education (EDU) conducts research, offers several third-cycle (doctoral) study programs and first and second level (bachelor, master) programs within the subjects of curriculum studies, education, and sociology (sociology scholarships) of education. EDU also has extensive educational involvement in programs such as the Teaching program and the Human Resource program. In addition, there are several Master Programs available at EDU. EDU has more than 280 employees of which approximately 185 are teachers/researchers, 70 are doctoral students and 25 are administrators. More information about the department is available at the department website: EDU.

The graduate school RelMaS: The doctoral research will be taking place within the national graduate school RelMaS, funded by the Swedish Research Council and offered in partnership between Stockholm, Malm and Uppsala universities. The graduate school seeks to increase the research capacity in teacher education, in the areas of mathematics (mathematics scholarships) and science education. The graduate school aims to develop practice-oriented research, which analyse and develop didactic models for making mathematics and science education relevant. RelMaS addresses the challenges of educating younger generations for navigating and transforming contemporary environmental and societal challenges, where mathematical and scientific knowledge intertwine in dealing with wicked problems now and in the future. This involves negotiating common views of the content, pedagogies and research foundations of school mathematics and science, to make them significant for active citizenship and to provide equitable access to the content to a diverse student population.

The general research field of RelMaS addresses two interconnected dimensions of contemporary mathematics and science education: 1) the relevance of mathematics and science content in teacher education (teacher education scholarships) and schools for increased action competence and citizenship, 2) the relevance of mathematics and science content and pedagogies to reach and engage a diverse student population. Methodologically, these thematic dimensions are to be approached through collaborative research between schools and universities to produce results connected to school practice. The PhD project can be formulated as mathematics education or interdisciplinary cutting across science and mathematics. Click here for further information about RelMaS.

The full-time employment will be on a temporary basis for a period of four years and should lead to a dissertation (PhD thesis). Departmental duties (typically teaching and administration) at a level of at most 20% can be included in the position, in which case the employment period will be extended beyond the four years. PhD students are expected to study full-time and actively participate in the department's activities.

Qualifications: A general eligibility of 240 ECTS credits is required, 60 of which are obtained at advanced level, corresponding to four years' full-time university studies. 90 credits should have direct relevance for curriculum studies. An applicant may also be considered qualified if s/he has acquired the corresponding competence in other ways. A good command of written and oral English language is required. For further information on the requirements for general and special eligibility for studies in the field of Curriculum Studies see contacts below.

Selection: The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on their capacity to benefit from the graduate school. The following criteria will be used to assess this capacity: the candidate's documented knowledge in a relevant field of research, the candidate’s documented knowledge in scientific theory and method, as well as the capacity for analytical thinking, initiative and the ability to collaborate. The assessment of the research plan will consider the scientific quality and relevance for the thematic area of the doctoral school RelMaS.

All documents submitted with the application should be in Swedish or English. All attached documentation in other languages than Swedish and English, should be translated into English.

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