Dda Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Students

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in life sciences in Denmark. The initial contract for this position is three years. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

The Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) invites applications for five 1/3-financed three-year postdoctoral fellowships of 600,000 DKK (covering salary) for three years, i.e 2021, 2022 and 2023 (please note that the DDA does not cover overhead).

At least 1/3 of the remaining 2/3 funding must be covered by a private life sciences (latest life sciences scholarship positions) company. The other 1/3 remaining funding can be covered by e.g. hospitals, universities, the Danish regions or private foundations. The DDA does not cover already ongoing projects.

Applications can be in any field of diabetes (diabetes scholarships) research. The DDA will prioritise applications that support the DDA's three strategic areas (internationalisation, interdisciplinarity and collaboration across sectors). The DDA strongly emphasises mobility, i.e. applications where the applicant carries out his/her postdoctoral studies in another institution than the institution where the applicant carried out her/his PhD studies and applications where the applicant plans to stay in a research institution abroad or work in another sector (i.e. general practice, industry, university, hospital) during her/his postdoctoral studies.

With these postdoctoral fellowships, the DDA wants to support researchers who are in the beginning of their research careers and develop/consolidate their individual research profile and scientific network.

The grant must be activated within six months after receiving the grant notification letter (or by further agreement with the DDA).

Only postdoctoral candidates can apply for a postdoctoral fellowship (i.e. principal investigators may not apply), and you can only apply for one postdoctoral fellowship per application round (i.e. you cannot apply for both a fully financed two- or three-year postdoctoral fellowship and a 1/3-financed postdoctoral fellowship (with co-funding from life sciences industry)).

Please note that you must have a user login to the DDA's website before you can submit an application. Applicants can edit and review their data before the final submission.

You must upload your application in a single PDF file! The application should include the following documents, which should be numbered as specified below:

2. Lay abstract in Danish (half to one A4 page) with a short description of your project including purpose of the project and significance for patients/health care professionals/industry (if relevant) (if you do not speak Danish, please ask your principal investigator to help you write this abstract)

The page limit for the research plan is five pages (font size 12, single spacing), including figures and tables, but excluding references – applications with research plans exceeding the page limit will not be considered.

5. Detailed time schedule for the course of study (including documentation for agreements regarding change of research environment, studies abroad and/or clinical employment if applying for a part-time clinical position (email correspondence is sufficient documentation))

6. Your Curriculum Vitae (including teaching experience, oral and poster presentations at important relevant conferences, assessment and review activities, received grants and/or awards, mobility and international experience) (max. two pages)

After submitting your application you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. If you do not receive this email, please contact the DDA Executive Management Team to make sure that your application has been successfully submitted.

The DDA Executive Management Team will process all incoming applications. Applications that do not fulfil the eligbility criteria and/or the technical requirements will not be considered.

All eligible applications will be submitted to the DDA's Committee for Talent Development for a scientific evaluation. For further information about the evaluation procedure, selection process and evaluation criteria (including the DDA major strategic areas), please see the guidelines for the DDA review process and evaluation criteria for grants:

The selected candidate and her/his principal investigator will be informed about the decision by the DDA by 3 December 2020.

The DDA has no influence on the employment of the postdoctoral fellow other than allocating the fellowship to the workplace of the postdoctoral fellow in question. Confirmation of the employment will be given by the principal investigator and/or the head of department of the respective institution where the candidate will be employed or by the private company co-funding the postdoctoral fellowship if the postdoctoral fellow is employed at the private company.

The postdoctoral fellowships will be granted in December 2020, and employment should be within six months after receiving the grant notification letter.

The terms of employment shall be a mutual agreement between the postdoctoral fellow and the institution/company at which the research and employment will take place.

The selected postdoctoral candidate is expected to sign up as a member of the DDA, teach at courses and seminars offered by the DDA and participate in the DDA activities in general, including reporting of activities and research results deriving from the project to the DDA Executive Management Team.

The DDA will fund the postdoctoral fellowship up to an amount of DKK 600,000 in total, partly covering the salary of the postdoctoral fellow during the project period.

The DDA grants 1/3 postdoctoral fellowship provided that funding for the remaining 2/3 financing is assured (at least 1/3 must be covered by a private life sciences company). If a submitted application does not include documentation of the remaining 2/3 financing in terms of a grant letter or the like (e.g. signed guarantee from principal investigator, head of department and the private company co-funding the postdoctoral fellowship), the 1/3 postdoctoral fellowship will be paid out, when the DDA Executive Management Team has received documentation of the remaining 2/3 financing at the latest six months after receiving the grant notification letter. Otherwise, the fellowship grant will be withdrawn.

If you receive another grant covering salary for the same project as described in your application to the DDA, the DDA reserves the right to withdraw your postdoctoral fellowship grant or part of it. Please note that you cannot hold two grants covering your salary for the same project during the same period of time.

For further information about the postdoctoral fellowships, please contact Managing Director Tore Christiansen: or tel. +45 2964 6764.

* If you do not yet have a PhD degree, you should enclose a statement from the principal supervisor of your PhD thesis indicating when the thesis will be handed in and stating when the defense is expected to take place. Your PhD thesis must be accepted for defense at the time of receiving the grant notification letter, which will be 3 December 2020. Within two weeks from receiving the grant notification letter, you will be asked to forward documentation from the PhD school where you are enrolled confirming that the thesis is accepted for defense and stating when the defense will take place. The PhD degree certificate must be forwarded to the DDA Executive Management Team no later than six months after receiving the grant notification letter. If the PhD degree is not awarded six months after receiving the grant notification letter or if you are not awarded the PhD degree, the fellowship will be withdrawn.

** The principal investigator must be employed at the research institution or at the private company where the postdoctoral fellow is employed. Please note that a principal investigator can only be principal investigator on one application for a DDA postdoctoral fellowship per application round.

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