PhD Studentship Hardware for Symbolic Processing AI at University of Southampton

University of Southampton has an opening PhD position in photonics. This position is available for 4 years. Applications are welcome before June 05, 2020.

The aim of this PhD studentship is to develop AI hardware accelerators that can be used for delivering computing capabilities beyond statistical learning, entailing computation at symbol-level. This involves treating data (already processed/classified via ANNs, CNNs, DNNs) as stable symbolic representations therefore allowing machines to reason and apply logic and common sense like humans do. This can be useful in a variety of real-time applications where AI systems are required to react when presented with unprecedented situations. The project covers a wide spectrum of experimental research, including machine learning, maths, and mixed-signal IC or embedded design. These novel AI hardware accelerators can be used in a variety of applications ranging from autonomous vehicles, smart assistance and robotic nurses. The PhD student will have the opportunity to join a multi-disciplinary team and to be trained and work in the world-class facilities of the Zepler Institute for Photonics (fully funded Photonics scholarships) and Nanoelectronics.

This project is funded through the UKRI MINDS Centre for Doctoral Training ( This is one of 16 PhD training centres in the UK (UK scholarships) with a unique focus on advancing AI techniques in the context of real-world engineered systems with a remit that spans novel hardware for AI, AI and machine learning, pervasive systems and IoT, and human-AI collaboration. We provide enhanced cross-disciplinary training in electronics and AI, entrepreneurship, responsible research and innovation, communication strategies, outreach and impact development as part of an integrated 4-year iPhD programme.

The MINDS CDT is based in a dedicated laboratory on Highfield Campus at the University of Southampton. The lab provides a supportive environment for individual research, ideas sharing and collaboration, and the wider campus provides access to substantial high-performance computing (including dedicated GPU servers), maker and cleanroom facilities. You will take part in our annual, student-designed innovation camps, be able to work with industry and government partners through our internship scheme and be able to take part in exchanges with international university partners.

Funding: full tuition for EU/UK Students plus, for UK and EU students resident in the UK for previous 3 years, an enhanced stipend of 18,285, tax-free per annum for 4 years. years.

no later than 5 June 2020 for entry in October 2020.
Apply online, academic session 2020-2, programme PhD MINDS. Enter Hardware for symbolic processing AI under the Topic of Research.

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