Two Year Postdoc Researcher Multi-scale Modelling Fischer-tropsch Process

A new postdoc position in catalysis is available at Eindhoven University of Technology. This position is available for four years. There is no application deadline for this position.

Two-year post-doctoral researcher in the field of

Many industrial processes use catalytically active pellets to convert reactants into products. In a chemical reactor a fluid (gas or liquid) flows past these pellets. A reactant species diffuses inside where, at a catalyst site, it is converted to the product. An example is the Fischer-Tropsch process. Here syngas is converted to long chain hydrocarbons. The Fischer-Tropsch process can be used to produce transportation fuels in an environmentally friendly way.

In this project we will investigate the interplay of the transport processes and the reaction kinetics in the reactor. Highly advanced computational modeling will be used to describe these transport phenomena within a porous pellet in full detail. The reactions that occur on the internal surfaces of the pellets, where the catalytic sites are located, are described using so-called microkinetic models. We aim to develop a model that can predict the details of chemical conversion in catalytic pellets.

We are looking for an experienced candidate with a background in chemical engineering or a closely related field. The prospective researcher is expected to have some experience in modeling of transport phenomena and catalysis. An affinity with the process industry is preferred. The ideal candidate has good scientific skills as well as excellent soft skills related to verbal and written communication.

We offer a challenging job for four years in a highly motivated team at a dynamic and ambitious University. The TU/e is located in one of the smartest regions of the world and part of the European technology hotspot 'Brainport Eindhoven'; well-known because of many high-tech industries and start-ups. The gross monthly salary in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement of the Dutch Universities (CAO NU), starts with 3.255,. Besides this the TU/e has holiday and end-of the year allowances, an excellent package of attractive benefits for employees and a modern sports complex. Assistance for finding accommodation can be provided.

More information about the projects can be obtained from Dr. Ir. E.A.J.F. Peters or Dr. Ir I.A.W. Filot, email: E.A.J.F.Peters(at) I.A.W.Filot(at) Personnel information can be obtained from Mrs. P.J. van de Weijer, HR Advisor, email: p.j.v.d.weijer(at)

More information on employment conditions can be found here:

You can upload a maximum of 5 documents of up to 2MB each.The selection of applicants and the job interviews will start immediately until we find a suitable candidate.

For this vacancy we will recruit simultaneously both internal as external. In the case of equal suitability internal candidates take priority over external candidates.

An assessment can be part of the selection procedure.Acquisition as a result of this advertisement is not appreciated.


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