PhD Fellow at University of Ghent

Outstanding international students are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship at University of Ghent. Applications should be sent before May 24, 2020.

While interlingual translation is essential to museums catering for an international audience, and issues of representation are fundamental to museological research and practice, and the intersection between translation studies and museum studies is an understudied field to this day. The current project sets out to explore the interface between translation and the museum, combining a broad cultural and metaphorical perspective (the museum as a form of cultural translation) with concrete, micro-level analysis (translated texts in the museum). The PhD candidate suggests a series of case studies in Belgium (fully funded Belgium scholarships) and abroad - migration museums or memory museums - which allow for a transnational comparative study.

What is the importance of the geographic 'sitedness' of the museum (lieu de mmoire, connection with urban or national context)? How are outside locations figured in the museum space (through maps, architectural design, or scenography)? How are visitor routes and itineraries conceived? Which temporal-spatial frameworks are created for the museum narrative? And how are these configurations impacted by interlingual translation?

In which languages are museum texts and pre-/post-visit materials available? Who are the stakeholders? What is the museum's translation policy? Which actors intervene in the translation process? How multilingual is the museum collection, and how visible is the translation process in the exhibitions? How do texts, objects, images and spaces polysemiotically interact with each other?

The candidate will draw on discourse or narrative theory, translation theory, semiotics and ethnographic methods to gather and analyse her materials.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to Anneleen Spiessens ( on 24 May 2020 at the latest. The e-mail subject line should start with 'TRAMU'. Applications contain a single pdf-file with:

A selection of candidates will be invited for an interview. Interviews can be conducted through Skype/MS Teams for applicants living or working outside Belgium.

If you wish to receive further information regarding the project or practicalities, you can send an e-mail to the project's supervisor prof. Anneleen Spiessens: Please use the e-mail subject line 'TRAMU'.

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