Research Position Studying of Energy Materials Using X-ray Based Spectroscopie

Uppsala University, Sweden is offering postdoctoral associate position in condensed matter physics. The funds for this fellowship are available for three years. The deadline for applying is February 25, 2020.

Information about the Project: The work will be conducted at the Division of Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy. The research within the division is being based on experimental studies of the electronic structure of molecules and condensed matter. The most important experimental methods are based on X-rays, in particular electron- and X-ray spectroscopy. The research is going to be conducted mainly in the laboratory located in Uppsala, but also at synchrotron radiation facilities, both national (MAX IV laboratory in Lund) and international (in particular PETRA III, ESRF and BESSY).

Work may also involve some interaction with industry, supervision of master students and/or PhD students to a certain extent and in collaborations between physics and chemistry on material development and device design. Cooperation with other academic staff as well as with society in general is also important. Such connection is an advantage for further academic employment as well as for work in industry and the public sector.

Qualifications:Experimental experience in electron spectroscopies and UHV systems is considered as an advantage. To qualify for a research position you must have skills equivalent to a PhD in a relevant field and be graduated not more than three years ago. Shown skills to run beamtimes and excellent knowledge of English is a must. If Swedish is not your native language, you are recommended to learn Swedish during the period. Uppsala University offers Swedish courses.


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