Research Assistant in Epigenetics in Biochemistry at Imperial College London

Applications are invited for a postdoc position in molecular biology to join Imperial College London, UK. The deadline to apply is March 10, 2020.

To participate in a series of research programs centered on the field of Cancer Epigenetics. Epigenetics has been linked to the development of many diseases; in particular the DNA methylation status in gene promoters often provides indication of the severity and progression of disease.

To utilise such cancer epigenetic biomarkers by applying engineering methods for detection, to provide faster and more accurate early diagnosis and disease assessment. The role will also require direct collaboration with engineers and specialists in the field of electronic and biomedical engineering at a PhD and Postdoctoral level, towards the integration of methylation based assays with existing large-scale Lab-on-Chip platforms. Support current research by providing expertise in the field of epigenetics to relevant projects.

Engage in new and existing methods of detection in the field of Epigenetics. Provide support in steps of methylation specific chemical modification/sample preparation. Take part in protocol planning, DNA methylation based assay development and optimization in project specific studies. The candidate will take part in design and execution of methylation specific experiments, evaluating and characterising the presence of methylation in samples. Work in close collaboration with engineers to plan and adapt existing protocols for DNA methylation detection on multidisciplinary projects. Responsible for maintenance and day-to-day operations of a molecular biology/genetics laboratory. Research experience in cancer genetics and epigenetics

Extensive background in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and nucleic acid based methodologies, particularly isothermal amplification based methods Extensive background in DNA methylation based detection and quantification methods Experience with cell lines (cancer specific), cellular metabolism, next-generation sequencing and protein based assays Experience in immunohistochemistry and visualisation methods (confocal microscopy) Knowledge of bioinformatics and statistical analysis software primer3, Prism, BLAST, Ensembl Experience in managing data sets from clinical studies


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