PhD Student Continuous Improvement of Machines Through Verified Software Update

A fully-funded PhD fellowship in computer science is available at Eindhoven University of Technology. This position is open until filled.

We are looking for an excellent PhD student on the MACHINAIDE project on Knowledge based services for and optimization of machines. The overall challenge in the project is to allow continuous improvement of machines by means of verified software updates.

The MACHINAIDE project is funded by ITEA, a transnational and industry-driven Research, Development and Innovation program in the domain of software innovation. The overall challenge is to allow continuous improvement of machines by means of software updates. To this end, the software is developed using low-code models from which executable code is ultimately generated.

To avoid problems caused by software updates in machines in the field, a combination of digital twins and formal verification of low-code models are used. In this project, you collaborate with industrial partners to enable the verification of these low-code models. The expected contributions are two-fold. You are expected to extend and improve the existing translation of low-code models into mCRL2 to enable verification. Additionally, you work on developing techniques in the context of the mCRL2 toolset to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the verification. You demonstrate the effectiveness of new techniques using case studies provided by the industrial partners.

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants with an MSc degree in Computer Science, or similar (e.g. Mathematics or Electrical engineering) with an interest in computer science. The candidates should have a thorough theoretical background, and an interest in the verification of industrial systems. Experience with formal methods and the application of model checking is helpful.

The position is available in the Formal System Analysis (FSA) group at Eindhoven University of Technology. The FSA group is well known for its contribution to formal methods; in particular for the development of the mCRL2 toolset and its application to verify complex industrial systems.

The work in the project is supervised by Jan Friso Groote, Jeroen Keiren and Wieger Wesselink.

You can upload including all the required documents (max. 10 MB), before March 19th 2020.


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