Research Fellows in Lithium-sulphur and High Power Li-ion Batteries

University of Surrey has an opening postdoc position in mechanical engineering. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

Applications are invited for three research positions RA1A with a start date of January 2020 and duration from 3 to 10 months each. The funding for these positions is from the LiSTAR project (up to 31 March 2020), and from the HiPoBat project which ends on 8 November 2020.

The LiSTAr programme aims to establish the foremost international programme on Li-S batteries; launching the UK as a global hub for this emerging technology. The focus of the work for these posts is on the development of porous carbonaceous cathode hosts. The HiPoBat project focuses on the development of high power batteries, which is achieved by hybridised electrode materials. HiPoBat is also in the stage of scaling up of the electrode coating fabrication, scaling up of battery tests and testing of the final cells.

1. A first degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials or Engineering.

2. A PhD or an EngD or equivalent work experience in the areas of materials science and engineering or electrochemical devices.

3. (a) Excellent experimental skills and experience in the development of energy storage materials and devices (synthesis and production of porous carbon or graphene; fabrication of electrode coatings; spraying; electrospinning; sulfur impregnation into cathode hosts; battery cell fabrication and testing, scaling up of battery cells,, testing of batteries and supercapacitors; maintaining argon glovebox and carrying out experimental work in a glovebox)

(b) expertise in continuum mass transport modelling, COMSOL, computational fluid dynamics or electrochemical device modelling at continuum mesoscopic scale.

4. Microstructural material characterisation and physical material characterisation (e.g. using SEM); chemical characterisation (e.g. using XPS, UV/vis, FTIR and Raman techniques).

The posts will be shared between the following Departments at the University of Surrey: the Materials Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences (prime investigator: Dr Tina Lekakou, email: and the Electrochemical Group in the Department of Chemistry.

Please note, it is University Policy to offer a starting salary equivalent to Level 3.6 (31,866) to successful applicants who have been awarded, but are yet to receive, their PhD certificate. Once the original PhD certificate has been submitted to the local HR Department, the salary will be increased to Level 4.1 (32,817).


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