PhD Scholarship Position in Catalytic Production of Bio-fuels From Forrest Residues

Chalmers University of Technology is offering PhD position in material sciences. The funds for this fellowship are available for five years. Eligible candidates should submit the applications before January 31, 2020.

This position would be located at the Chemical Engineering division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department. The Division of Chemical Engineering includes two units: Chemical Reaction and Process Engineering; Forest Products and Chemical Engineering. We have a wide range of experience and work both experimentally and with modeling. We have a long tradition of working with both fundamental scientific questions and applied problems together with industry. This position is within the unit for Chemical Reaction and Process Engineering. In addition, the position is within the Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK). KCK, is a research centre focused on heterogeneous catalysis at Chalmers. The goal of the centre is the development of catalytic technology for sustainable transport, energy and environmental systems. The centre is integrated with the research and teaching activities at the departments of Applied Physics, and Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers. Chemical Engineering and KCK at Chalmers strive to provide an excellent environment for carrying out catalysis research with opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers in related projects or with industry partners.

Despite an increased interest in conversion of forest-based bio-oils to biofuels, it is not yet occuring to a large extent. One reason is that forest-based bio-oils such as fast pyrolysis oil and lignin oils are still not available in large quantities together with operational problems, catalyst deactivation or low conversion. In this project we will therefor examine catalytic processes for uppgrading bio-oils for renewable fuel production.

Major responsibilities

The project focus on combining different experimental techniques regarding catalyst synthesis, catalyst characterization, as well as activity experiments, in order to study the process for bio-fuel production. The techniques that are planned to be used are catalytic hydrogenation experiments at high temperature and pressure in batch or continous mode and catalytic characterization with for example XRD, BET, TEM and XPS.

In summary, the position will involve the planning, design and analysis of an experimental program that can generate the knowledge building required to enable efficient conversion of forest-based bio-oils to fuel components.

The position will involve reporting current research results in both written and oral form as well as authoring scientific research publications. Also, it will include teaching at the undergraduate level or other duties corresponding up to maximum 20% of working time.

Full-time temporary employment.The position is limited to a maximum of five years.


To qualify as a PhD student, you must have a master’s level degree corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits inprimarily Chemical Engineering, Material Science or Chemistry. Any previous experience relevant for the described major resposibilities for this position would be considered as merits.

The position requires sound verbal and written communication skills in English.

Chalmers offers a cultivating and inspiring working environment in the dynamic city ofGothenburg.

Read more aboutworking at Chalmersand ourbenefitsfor employees.

Application procedure

The application should be marked with Ref 20190726 and written in English.

CV: (Please name the document: CV, Family name, Ref. number)


Other, for example previous employments or leadership qualifications and positions of trust.

Two references that we can contact.

Personal letter: (Please name the document as: Personal letter, Family name, Ref. number)

- Introduce yourself

- Describe your previous research fields and main research results

Copies of bachelor and/or master's thesis.

Attested copies and transcripts of completed education, grades and other certificates, eg. TOEFL test results.

Application deadline: January 31, 2020

Prof. Louise Olsson, Chemical Engineering


Prof. Derek Creaser, Chemical Engineering

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is the largest department at Chalmers and covers a large array of research from basic to applied. The fields of interest extend from DNA-research and biomaterials, solar cells and fuels, high temperature corrosion, and catalysis. The Department is heavily committed to teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, as well as postgraduate level in these areas. We have approximately 300 employees, divided into four research and one administrative division. We are situated at campus Johanneberg in the middle of Gothenburg. Our vision is "Through curiosity and knowledge towards a sustainable world".


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