PhD Scholarship in Natural Resources and Sustainable at Uppsala University

Uppsala University, Sweden is offering PhD position in sustainable development. The deadline to apply is December 23, 2019.

Based in the Global Energy Systems group within NRHU, this PhD project will focus on improving understanding of fossil fuel production trends and their relation to future emissions and securing energy for future sustainable development. In the modern society, fossil fuels are integral parts of many industrial supply chains that relies on flows of primary energy and raw materials from extraction sites to manufacturing centres to produce consumer goods to be traded in the globalized economy. This direct and indirect transfer of energy and emissions via international trade results in system flows that span multiple economies across the globe with the need for international perspectives.

Secondly, the project will explore suitable top-down approaches based on global trade - such as multi-regional Input-Output (MRIO) analysis - that can be used to calculate embodied emissions in import and export flows of fossil fuels. Combining and comparing results from both top-down and bottom-up approaches will be done to better illuminate carbon intensities, reduction potentials, emission patterns, dependencies, and transition options.

Finally, transnational flows of fossil energy can also be understood from two perspectives. The direct flows are related to security of resource supply and associated dependencies, and the other is the indirect flows that reflect global economic linkages. The project aims to simultaneously consider long-term perspectives on resource availability and distribution in conjunction with short-term effects of supply owing to geopolitical and socioeconomic factors. This allows for a holistic foundation capable of refining decision making in support of climate strategy, sustainable development goals, and improved energy security. The combined methods allow us to clearly and systematically reveal complex relations and integrate them with supply security concerns to identify best available transitions paths for rapid decarbonisation scenarios.


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