PhD Scholarship in Environmental Science Focusing on Microbial Biotransformation of Organic Contaminants

A PhD scholarship in environmental sciences is available at Stockholm University. The funds for this position are available for four years. Applications are welcome before January 19, 2020.

The Department of Environmental Science is one of the biggest departments at the Faculty of Science. The department consists of four units with more than 170 researchers, teachers, doctoral students and technical/administrative staff. Research and teaching focuses on Contaminant Chemistry, Exposure and Effects, Atmospheric Science and Biogeochemistry. As an employee at the Department of Environmental Science you will be part of a dynamic environment conducting cutting edge research and with a strong international profile.

Research at the Contaminant Chemistry Unit focuses on the sources and fate of organic contaminants in the environment and the resulting exposure of wildlife and humans. We have strong competence in the trace analysis of organic contaminants in environmental matrices. A prominent feature of our research profile is the integration of empirical investigation and mathematical modelling to advance contaminant science.

This is a joint project with Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. Professor Kathrin Fenner will be co-supervisor of the PhD program, and you will spend some of your time at Eawag in Zrich. The department of Environmental Chemistry at Eawag investigates the environmental fate of micropollutants and biomacromolecules in the built and natural aquatic environment. The group of Prof. Fenner in particular is well-known for seminal work on the investigation of microbial biotransformation in complex microbial communities.

Project description

Quantitative understanding of biotransformation of organic contaminants is still largely uncharted territory in environmental chemistry. There are few measurements of biotransformation under environmentally relevant conditions, and little is known about its temporal and spatial variability in the environment. We have recently modified a standard biotransformation test to make it more environmentally relevant. You will apply this test to measure biotransformation in European surface waters with broad climatic and geographic variability, studying hundreds of contaminants simultaneously using modern suspect screening techniques. The resulting unique dataset will be used to explore different proxies for describing the spatial and temporal variability of the biodegradation rate, drawing on tools such as benchmarking and transformation pathway prediction. Your mission will be to move biotransformation assessment from a non-relevant half-life applied undifferentiated across space and time to an environmentally relevant test result that can be extrapolated using a sound scientific framework.

Qualification requirements

To meet the general entry requirements, the applicant must have completed a second-cycle degree, completed courses equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits, of which 60 credits must be in the second cycle, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or elsewhere. In order to meet the specific entry requirements, for doctoral studies in Environmental Science, at least 45 of the credits at the second cycle must be in one of the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, or Meteorology) including a 30 credits thesis project. The applicant should also have 30 credits in other natural science subjects different from the major.


The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on their ability to successfully pursue the research education. Special emphasis is put on the applicant's knowledge and skills within the subject area, ability to express her/himself verbally and in writing, analytical aptitude, creativity, initiative and independence, and a capacity for working together with others. The evaluation will be made based on the relevance of past education and experience, grades from previous university courses (in particular at the advanced level), the quality and ambition of the independent project work, references, a cover letter motivating the candidate's interest, and interviews. Admission Regulations for Doctoral Studies at Stockholm University are available and regulations.

Only a person who will be or has already been admitted to a third-cycle programme may be appointed to a doctoral studentship. The term of the initial contract may not exceed one year. The employment may be extended for a maximum of two years at a time. However, the total period of employment may not exceed the equivalent of four years of full-time study.

Doctoral students should primarily devote themselves to their own education, but may engage in teaching, research, and administration corresponding to a maximum of 20 % of a full-time position.

Please note that admission decisions cannot be appealed.

Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.


For more information, please contact Professor Michael McLachlan, telephone: +46 73460 4913, Application

Apply for the PhD student position at Stockholm University’s recruitment system by clicking the “Apply” button. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.Please include the following information with your application and, in addition, please include the following documents

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