PhD in Mechanomagnetic Recovery of Tendinopathy at Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands is offering PhD position in computational biology. There is no application deadline for this position.

Eindhoven University of Technology has the following vacancy: PhD in Mechanomagnetic recovery of Tendinopath V50.4155 at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Eindhoven University of Technology is recruiting an ambitious PhD candidate who will explore a solution therapy for fibrotic scarring of tendon and ligament by developing and exploiting a biomaterial tool: SPmRs (Super-Paramagnetic-iron-oxide-nanoparticles-containing m-Rods), e.g. injectable magnetic micro-rods that can adhere to cells and subsequently enforce cell polarity, directionality, and functional remodelling capacity in 3D fibrous tissue. The successful candidate is excited about lab work; she/he is passionate about tendon mechanobiology and fibrous tissue remodeling. The research performed by the candidate is an essential link between biomaterial engineering and clinical application of biomaterials in regenerative medicine, which is the focus of the cluster Regenerative Engineering and Biomaterials.

TU/e is a University of Technology with a focus on Health, Energy, and Mobility. Within the Health area, several departments cooperate on topics such as Chemical Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Computational Biology, and Biosensing, with close links to healthcare and industry. TU/e is an open and inclusive university with short communication lines. The people are curious, collaborative, and strive for excellence. TU/e enables its academic staff to develop research and education at an internationally renowned level. Our lively campus community facilitates connections between staff and students, in an open, friendly, vibrant atmosphere that welcomes and inspires.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) offers a research-driven BME Bachelor program and Masters in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering in its Graduate Program. Its research areas range from Molecular Bioengineering and Imaging, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering to Biomedical Imaging and Modelling. The department has more than 800 students and up to 200 tenured and non-tenured employees.

The candidate will engineer nano-magnetic particle of desired dimensions, aspect ratio, and properties; control tissue matrix organization by polarizing and orienting cells using mechanomagnetism; boost the cellular functional remodelling capacity using these particles as mechanical trainers; show the feasibility of restoring an artificially induced lost anisotropy in ex vivo equine tendon, using these particles. The PhD candidate is expected to do scientific research in the field described above, write a doctoral thesis, and publish research results in scientific journals. An educational and professional development program is offered to all PhD candidates. You will also be involved in teaching courses offered by the group, as well as contribute to the supervision of bachelor and master students.

We are accepting applications from enthusiastic and highly talented candidates who are interested in a dynamic, stimulating, and ambitious environment to perform their research.

The research will be conducted within the Orthopedic Biomechanics group in the Department of Biomedical Engineering under the supervision of dr. Jasper Foolen (TU/e), Prof Keita Ito (TU/e) and Prof Ren van Weeren (Utrecht University). Research at the Orthopedic Biomechanics group is dedicated to exploring and developing (regenerative) treatment strategies for orthopaedic injuries and disorders based on a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal tissue mechanobiology and biomechanical function.

If you would like to apply, please send us your application by using the ‘apply now' button on the TU/e website.

Only complete applications will be considered. Screening of applicants will start as soon as applications are received and will continue until the position has been filled.


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