PhD Scholarship in Physics at Uppsala University

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in condensed matter physics at Uppsala University. Potential candidates should apply before September 16, 2019.

Duties/Project description: We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious PhD student with good experimental skills and a strong interest in x-ray spectroscopy of molecular systems. The aim of the PhD project is to elucidate the coupling of electronic, spin and nuclear coordinates in the photoinduced dynamics of metal complexes with x-ray spectroscopy. Ultrashort x-ray pulses from lab-based sources, synchrotron radiation sources and from x-ray free-electron lasers will be used to probe chemical interactions and dynamics in metal complexes in the gas phase and in solution. This work will be performed in close collaboration with theory groups developing new tools for the description of metal-ligand bonding from first principles. The fundamental knowledge acquired in this project can be used for understanding photosynthesis and it can be used in the development of energy applications or applications in environmental science.

The project will be carried out in the group of Prof. Philippe Wernet, who recently joined the Division of Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics. Research will be carried out using femtosecond laser spectroscopy at Uppsala University combined with experiments at synchrotron radiation facilities and x-ray free-electron lasers.

Requirements: The applicant should have a Master's degree in Physics, or equivalent, with a strong background in x-ray spectroscopic methods and molecular physics. Prior experience with experiments using ultrashort x-ray pulses is an advantage. Fluency in both written and spoken English is an absolute prerequisite.

The application, in English, should include a personal letter carefully explaining scientific interests and motivation for pursuing a PhD degree, a CV as well as a verified list of course grades. If available, a Master's thesis can be included. Two letters of recommendation should be included in the application.


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