PhD Scholarship in Accurate and Fast Auditory Virtual Reality Implementation

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship in civil engineering at Technical University of Denmark. Applicants should apply before September 02, 2019.

We are looking for a promising candidate, with an interest in the science of acoustics, to start a PhD project on auditory virtual reality implementation. The project will be based on accurate room acoustic simulations, with the main application area of building design evaluation.

In the Acoustic Technology group at DTU Elektro, we conduct research in computational acoustics, architectural acoustics, indoor/outdoor sound field analysis, acoustic meta materials, numerical methods and optimization, vibration, and transducers.

We believe that there is potential for great synergy, collaboration and cooperation with your future colleagues within relevant areas, such as computational room acoustics, room boundary modeling, auditory virtual reality, sound field reconstruction, multi-sensory perceptual evaluations and more.

Virtual reality (VR) has drawn much attention for many engineering applications, providing virtual experience and allowing holistic evaluations of virtual interactive scenarios.

Its visual quality has matured significantly in the recent years, but its auditory counterpart needs to be improved in terms of accuracy and speed. We are expecting that you, through this PhD-project, can work with us to figure out how we reach high quality auditory perception through VR systems.

We believe that the main challenge is a heavy computational expenditure for accurate acoustic simulations and effective implementation of an audio-visual VR system. The main application areas include professional acoustics design evaluations in buildings, sound preference evaluation in self-driving vehicles, last but not least, video games and virtual entertainment systems.

This project will investigate state-of-the art computational room acoustics methods that can be used for interactive auditory virtual reality systems. Our ultimate research question is There are several researchers working together in the area of computational acoustics and auditory virtual reality tools at ACT/DTU and currently it has not been clearly defined what should be investigated in this PhD project. Potential research topics are listed as follow and candidates should be familiar with one of the followings. The tasks and responsibilities of this project will get clearer during the interview process (also in connection to the candidate's profile, interest, and competences)

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a relevant M.Sc. degree, such as acoustics, physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical, mechanical, architectural or civil engineering, who has experience in either


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