PhD in Chemistry Photogating Frameworks Spatially-controlled Molecular Diffusion in Microporous Materials

A new PhD position in inorganic chemistry is available at Cardiff University. Applications should be sent before September 27, 2019.

Applications are invited for a Royal Society-funded four-year PhD studentship in materials and inorganic chemistry.

The project will investigate the use of photoactive crystalline porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as a platform for nanofluidic devices.

Such materials offer the potential to act as hosts for controlled guest diffusion, in which laser-induced structural changes can direct the flow of guest species.

Being able to study and control the movement of molecules on this scale offers exciting possibilities in the miniaturising of microfluidic devices used for medical diagnostics, sensing, and molecular sorting applications.

This is a new approach that builds on and diverges from the global MOF community into the realm of nanofluidics, offering rich opportunities for strongly motivated graduate students.

You will receive a thorough training in synthetic inorganic photochemistry and porous materials while taking a leading role in establishing this exciting new research program.

The successful applicant will be a highly motivated student with good interpersonal skills, a drive to succeed and readiness to seize the opportunity.

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