PhD in Physics Quantum Space-time Experiment at Cardiff University

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD position in astronomy at Cardiff University, UK. The deadline for applying is July 31, 2019.

The School of Physics and Astronomy is seeking applications for a PhD position in physics, to enforce our team building an experiment to investigate quantization of space-time.

The experiment is laboratory based in the School of Physics and Astronomy. It will consist of two co-located Michelson interferometers similar to those at Fermilab in the US, but on a smaller scale, while being more sensitive. A high sensitivity is achieved by the planned application of squeezed vacuum states of light.

The experiment would look for noise correlations between the two co-located interferometers that may be interpreted as space-time correlations. As an addition to the search for space-time quantization, this setup will also be used to search for particular kinds of dark matter, as well as to search for ultra-high frequency gravitational waves.


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