Postdoc in Optimal Dispatch of Integrated Electricity and Heat System

A new postdoctoral scholar position in acoustics is available at Technical University of Denmark. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2019.

The Centre for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites applications for a 2-year Postdoc position in "Optimal dispatch of integrated electricity and heat system".

CEE has received increased recognition internationally for its contribution to develop renewable based energy systems. A key area of focus is on integration of high shares of variable and partly predictable renewable power production through integration of energy sectors for efficient and reliable power system operation, while ensuring an increased social welfare. The Postdoc will join the Electric Power System group at the CEE. The Postdoc is supported by the Danish Heat4RES project.The aim of the Heat4RES project is to increase renewable power generation penetration level of the energy system in a cost efficient and secure manner by improving the flexibility of the heat network and interconnecting the electricity and heat sectors. The flexibility of the heat network will be primarily improved by deploying heat pumps (HPs) at both the heat source and demand sides together with the existing resources such as electric boiler, thermal storage, etc.. The main task is to develop a generic energy flow model for the integrated electricity and heat system (IEHS), propose optimal dispatch schemes for the IEHS considering the interaction of the electricity and heat sectors, uncertainty of renewable generation and prices, etc. in order to ensure cost effective and secure operation. Participation to the management and reporting activities for the project is expected. The following tasks will be conducted: Candidates should have a PhD degree in electrical engineering or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the PhD degree in engineering.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender,disability, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

DTU Electrical Engineering educates students within electrical engineering technologies. We offer studies at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels, and participate in joint international programmes. We conduct state-of-the-art research within antenna and microwave technology, robot technology, power and physical electronics, acoustic environment, electro-acoustics, electric power and energy. Our department has more than 200 members of staff. DTU is a technical university providing internationally leading research, education, innovation and scientific advice. Our staff of 6,000 advance science and technology to create innovative solutions that meet the demands of society, and our 11,200 students are being educated to address the technological challenges of the future. DTU is an independent university collaborating globally with business, industry, government and public agencies.


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