PhD Scholarship in Sparc Hub at Monash University

Monash University, Australia is inviting excellent candidates to apply for a PhD position. Applications should be sent before June 21, 2019.

Remuneration:Stipend can range from $27,872 to 32,300 p.a. full-time rate (pro-rata) and tax-free

The ARC Smart Pavements Hub (SPARC) invites applications for a PhD-position in enhancing the use of Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) techniques for evaluation of road pavement layer thickness and condition through lab/field testing for pavement remaining life estimation.

SPARC Hub, which is a partnership between Monash and 7 other Australian Universities and 20+ Industry Partners, is embarking on a range of exciting research projects, offering an unprecedented opportunity for recent graduates to establish their postgraduate career in various engineering fields. The Hub offers a coherent PhD and Masters by research program for high achieving passionate students and is committed to create an intellectually exhilarating and vibrant environment towards excellence.

Over the past few decades, several non-destructive testing & evaluation (NDT & E) techniques have been developed to enable more efficient assessments of road pavements and materials, featuring high-speed data acquisition, cost-effectiveness, and the capability to be performed in-situ over longer distances. In particular, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) technique based on the transmission and reception of short electromagnetic (EM) impulses is nowadays established as one of the most effective and powerful tools, due to its high flexibility of usage and reliability of results. Studies based on air- or ground-coupled GPR systems mainly focus on the measurement and analysis of material dielectric constant values for pavement thickness estimation. However, this approach may only be valid for newly built flexible pavements with the assumption that the dielectric constant within the pavement is uniform. As a result, it cannot provide reliable information for the whole layer and the errors in thickness estimation may increase when the asphalt mixture ages or when the asphalt layer is made of multiple lifts.

This project will seek to enhance the use of current GPR technique to provide more accurate pavement layer thickness measurements and pavement condition, based on which the pavement remaining life can be estimated. The project will also investigate the possibility of integrating GPR technology with other testing facilities, such as lightweight deflectometer (LWD), falling weight deflectometer (FWD), infrared thermography (IRT) and global positioning system (GPS) in order to provide more comprehensive information of pavement condition.

(i) Candidate's academic performance in the bachelor's degree (or Master's degree),

(ii) Quality of the degree completed (preference will be given to Master's degree),

(iv) Knowledge in the relevant research field including any publications in reputable journals,


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