A PhD Scholarship in Information Systems with A Focus on Data Reuse in The Digital Economy

A new PhD position in information systems is available at Uppsala University. The funding allows successful candidate to work for four years. The deadline to apply is August 12, 2019.

This announcement concerns a PhD position in Information Systems in collaboration with the Swedish Research School on Management and Information Technology ( The successful applicant will pursue their PhD within the Department of Informatics and Media (, which is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The doctoral student placement will be located at Uppsala University’s Ekonomikum campus.

The position is four years full-time and is financed through employment as a doctoral student. The doctoral student will devote her/his main working hours to research studies and is expected to actively participate in the department's and the MIT school's seminars, workshops, etc. Other tasks such as teaching and research administration can also be included within the framework of employment (max 20%). Language of instruction is English and Swedish.

FAIR is an acronym for four important desirable features of research data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) that are central to open science discourse and public confidence in science. The analogy to open science in a business context is open innovation. In order to succeed with open innovation, understanding of the value of the data produced and, if it is highly valued, the degree to which it is prepared for reuse is needed (i.e. how "FAIR" it is). Of great interest is in understanding how these FAIR data principles are characterized within the digital economy and how their value is perceived between different social actors participating in digital ecosystems. The appointed doctoral student will be expected to conduct research focusing on data reuse in the digital economy.

at the Department of Informatics and Media. The education will be given in cooperation with the Swedish Research School on Management and Information Technology.

In order to qualify for doctoral studies in information systems, the applicant must meet the requirements for general and special eligibility. In order to fulfill general admission eligibility, the applicant must have been awarded an advanced level (second-cycle) degree, satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits on the advanced (second-cycle) level, or has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad. In order to fulfill special eligibility requirements for studies in information systems, the applicant must have completed courses of at least 90 credits in information systems, computer science, or a similar field of study.

We are searching for somebody with excellent academic potential and an enthusiasm for understanding organizational dynamics, open science/innovation, and data. An ideal candidate should have experience of social science research methods, data science, digital economy, Internet studies and social dynamics. Applicants should have a Master’s degree in social science or information systems with demonstrable knowledge of quantitative methods, or a Master’s degree in computer science, informatics, or other relevant numerate discipline. Desirable qualities of the candidate should include a high degree of independence, good communication skills, and fluency in both English and Swedish. Previous experience of publishing research would be highly advantageous.

A general description of postgraduate education in Information Systems can be found in the general study plan available at


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