Four PhD Candidate Positions in Economic History at Uppsala University

Applications are invited for a PhD position in economic history to join Uppsala University. The initial contract for this position is four years. Applications are welcome before June 07, 2019.

The PhD program consists of four years of full-time studies. In terms of the Swedish university credit system, the program comprises 240 credits (30 credits = 1 semester of full-time study). There are two main components of the program: course work (75 credits) and work related to the PhD dissertation (165 credits). PhD students are also expected to participate in departmental activities such as seminars, workshops, etc., as well as in the activities of the National Postgraduate School. Applicants must have a willingness and ability to learn Swedish rapidly, as parts of the program are held in Swedish, as well as many seminars and meetings.

Project 2. Institutional change and agrarian growth

This project studies the impact of 19th century enclosures - the process of privatisation of land previously owned in common and the redistribution and consolidation of open field splintered ownership - on productivity and economic growth, indicated by land prices and demographic growth. The principal method is to compare how these variables developed where land was enclosed to where land was not enclosed, and before and after enclosure. Land price notations, village population data and enclosure acts from circa 2000 villages in East central Sweden will be used. The work will involve substantial collection and processing of quantitative archival data. Some knowledge and interest of agricultural/rural history is desirable. Project leader: Marja Erikson (


To be eligible for admission to the doctoral program in Economic History, the general requirement for the applicant is a completed a master's degree (or an advanced degree equivalent to at least 240 Swedish university credits including at 60 credits or more from advanced level) from a recognized university or third level institution. Specific requirement for admission is the completion of an equivalent to 90 Swedish university credits in Economic History, or other academic qualifications equivalent to this or of high relevance for research in Economic History.

How to apply

Assesment procedure

A recruitment committee will select applicants through a review of submitted documents and contacts with referees. The decision will mainly be based on the quality of the submitted thesis works. A group of applicants will be called to an interview in late June 2019. Applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process shortly thereafter.

Terms for graduate studies can be found in Hgskolefrordningen 5 kap 1-7 and in University rules


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