Research Position in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding international students are invited to apply for a master scholarship in biotechnology at Nanyang Technological University. Applicants should apply as soon as possible.

The Centre for Antimicrobial Bioengineering has recently obtained a large funding to continue research into next-generation antimicrobial agents which may be applied into various products such for personal care, wound dressings, antibiotic adjuvants as well as drug. No new antibiotic is approved for use for Gram-negative bacteria in over 50 years and meanwhile bacteria have developed resistance towards all known classes of antibiotics. So new unconventional strategies aer needed. The CAMB has been developing various antibacterial products such as wound dressing, and contact lens coatings and catheter coatings. With this new funding, we shall be able to develop drug-like polymers that have minimal tendency to evolve resistance. This is an exciting time in the next era of development of new antibacterial agents as the conventional mining of antibiotics do not productively result in new classes of antibiotics. New alternative antimicrobial polymers are urgently needed to replace the current toxic disinfectants or resistance-prone antibiotics. We have shown that polymers are excellent candidates as selective antimicrobial agents.

We have received substantial fundings from various large multi-national companies working on antimicrobial products for consumer products. The Center has a research group of several faculties and PIs with about 20+ PHD students and research staff. This new research funding shall allow interdisciplinary research at the interface of polymer science, microbiology, biomedical engineering and sciences, and pharmaceutical sciences.

This research will be in collaboration with other top international scientists from NTU, NUS, Lee-Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMed), MIT, Imperial College and University of Washington (Seattle) and University of Otago at New Zealand.

We are looking for talented B. Eng or B. Sc graduates who wish to become a project officer (essentially a staff) and also pursue further in depth studies in the fields of polymer chemistry, microbiology, and synthetic chemistry. The successful PHD student applicants shall have the opportunity to work in the world class labs here in Singapore and in USA, UK and New Zealand, and Europe.

Prof Mary Chan is the Director of the Centre for Antimicrobial Bioengineering which works on the design, synthesis and studies of the next-generation non-toxic antimicrobial polymers.

Dr Chan is presently the Director of the Centre for Antimicrobial Engineering, and also the Director of the NTU Food Technology and Engineering Centre (NAFTEC). She is a full professor at the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore). Dr Chan-Park's main research interests are in polymers in nanoscience and biotechnology. She has published extensively, with more than 200 papers in top-tier journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, JACS, Small, Biomaterials, etc. Her group has recently developed a novel class of highly effective broad spectrum antimicrobial coatings which are non-toxic and biocompatible. The findings have been published in Nature Materials (2011), ACS Nano (2016, 2015), Nano Letters (2018) and Advanced Materials (2012) and her patents have been used/licensed to companies. She has been elected to being a Fellow of the America Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering. She obtained her BEng (Chem) and PhD (polymers) from the National University of Singapore and MIT in 1986 and 1993 respectively.

Research Topics: Design and Synthesis of antimicrobial polymers. Colloidal Study of antimicrobial polymers. Biomolecular studies of bacteria (single molecule imaging and FRET imaging in live cells)

Top 20% graduates with a Bachelors Degree from top reputable universities in Chemical Engineering, Biological sciences, Bioengineering, Materials Science or Chemistry.

Interested applicants please send your resume to Prof Mary Chan at via

Please attach your full CV, with the names and contacts (including email addresses) of 2 character referees, and all relevant academic certificates.

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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