Up to 3 PhD Positions on Software Security at Uppsala University

A PhD scholarship in computer science is available at Uppsala University. Applicants should apply before March 15, 2019.

The topic for the PhD positions is to develop techniques for software security, in particular for detecting and removing security vulnerabilities in software. Since vulnerabilities in such software can lead to huge damages when exploited (e.g., through XSS attacks to obtain confidential information, or by taking over vulnerable IoT devices to form botnets), it is important that software components are bug-free and correctly implement security services.

The positions are funded by recent five-year grants from SSF (the Foundation for Strategic Research, see that bring together several research groups at Uppsala University (Bengt Jonsson, Parosh Abdulla, Mohammed Faouzi Atig, Philipp Ruemmer, Kostis Sagonas, Wang Yi) that are world-renowned in the fields of automated verification, programming language implementation, and testing. Past contributions include the UPPAAL model checker, high-impact techniques and tools for testing and verification of multithreaded software, including Concuerror and Nidhugg, and the native-code compiler and several tools for the Erlang programming language. Members received the CAV (Computer-Aided Verification) Award, the most prestigious academic award in the area, both in 2013 (Wang Yi) and in 2017 (Parosh Abdulla and Bengt Jonsson). The work is performed in collaboration with partners at RISE SICS (Luca Mottola, Thiemo Voigt) that contribute to developing the ContikiOS, and the SICS Security lab (Shahid Raza).

The candidate should have a Master of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent, in a field which is relevant for the work.We expect the candidate to be fluent in verbal and written English.

It is helpful to have a good background in some of the fields of testing, security, program analysis, compiler techniques, model checking, formal verification, software engineering, and similar, as well as to be proficient in implementing non-trivial algorithms.


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