Research Assistant at Imperial College London

Imperial College London is delighted to offer a postdoctoral associate position in surgery. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for two years in UK. Applications are welcome before February 28, 2019.

The MSk lab aims to improve the clinical outcomes, understanding and management of musculoskeletal health. Current research within the lab aims to assess the clinical outcomes of patients undergoing joint replacement surgery, develop new technologies, tools, rehabilitation and surgical techniques.

The Research Assistant (RA) will be responsible for data collection, analysis, interpretation and teaching in relation to the MSk gait lab. The RA will also be required meet study participants, encourage compliance with protocols and provide relevant support to participants to ensure they remain in the study. The RA will conduct gait analysis assessments with those participants using an instrumented treadmill, motion capture system, EMG and sound recording systems. Furthermore, the candidate will be responsible for independently conducting data analysis and statistical analysis as well as interpreting and reporting the results.

Additionally, the RA will oversee and train all students and research staff on the use of the gait lab. The RA will be expected to contribute to the planning and development of research projects, JointPro, presentation, publications, BSc Projects and teaching. The successful candidate must have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline, experience of working in both research and clinical settings, understanding of data and statistical analysis, Good clinical practice (GCP) as well as a strong understand of gait and biomechanical analysis. Experience of working in a multidisciplinary team and with patients is required.

The post is full time, fixed term for 1 year.

Should you have any queries please contact:


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