Postdoctoral Postdoc Position at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Applicants are invited to apply for a postdoctoral position in environmental sciences at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate. This position is for experimental lab research in applied environmental bacteriology and virology in a leadership role. In collaboration with the PI, the candidate will be required to recruit junior lab members and train them to be - over time - proficient in various techniques. This position is available for field and laboratory research focused on two projects: o The first one (2/3 estimated work effort on a full time basis) will have the purpose of better understanding how extreme weather events impact drinking water quality in public piped networks and private wells, and how proximity to hog farms and other CAFOs, septic systems and sewage lines and sewage treatment systems may contribute to these impacts. The presence and relative contributions of different classes of pathogens to this impairment and their persistence will be also better understood from this work. Fieldwork will be intense and mostly (but not exclusively) done in NC. Lab work will be done mostly (but not exclusively) at UNC environmental microbiology labs.

o The second one (1/3 estimated work effort on a full time basis) called will aim to develop and pilot the first integrated and scalable regional One Health monitoring, analysis, and decision support tool designed for local actors and policy makers who need to assess AMR hazards and prioritize interventions to control risk. The project will develop and implement a modular AMR monitoring database populated with culture-based and genomic data from UNC's existing biobank and newly collected AMR bacterial isolates to generate a georeferenced database of high priority AMR bacteria, their antimicrobial resistance genes and metagenomic community profiles in environmental and agri-food transmission and exposure pathways. Data will focus on two North Carolina regional water systems. The selected candidate should commit to the effort of better understanding the conditions under which such impairment occurs, the extent and duration of the impacts, and the roles played by livestock operations and human sewage and septic systems as potential sources of contamination. Differential impacts on public piped systems and private wells will be evaluated, and proposed recommendations for increasing the resilience of different water systems to extreme weather events will be generated based on the results of this work.


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