PhD Scholarship in Cell Biology and Imaging at Monash University

Monash University is delighted to offer a PhD position in cell biology. Applications are welcome before March 11, 2019.

Remuneration:Annual living allowance based on Monash University's Research Training Program (RTP), stipend of $27,872 per annum (2019 rate – indexed annually)

The Zenker group is seeking an enthusiastic PhD candidate interested in cell biology and microscopy to uncover the real-time rearrangements of the inner skeleton of a cell during embryonic development. The successful applicant will gain extensive expertise in live imaging using various microscope systems, mouse husbandry, genotyping, cell culture systems, cloning, immunostaining, mouse embryo dissection, injections and imaging, drug treatments and computational image analysis.

Every cell has an internal skeleton composed of filament-like structures called microtubules. Remarkably, these structures can rapidly re-organize their entire network to allow a cell to change its shape, function and fate. However, most studies on microtubule dynamics have been limited to simplified 2D cell culture systems or fixed tissues. Thus, the accurate spatial-temporal regulation of microtubule remodelling in intact tissues remains under-explored.

The combined use of state-of-the-art confocal microscopy, molecular manipulations, and computational image analysis allowed us to identify an unprecedented form of microtubule growth in the living mouse embryo. The emanating filaments serve as transport railways to establish asymmetries in the cellular organization of the embryo. This mechanism is required for the formation of the pluripotent inner cell mass, which will give rise to the embryo proper.

Applicants will be considered provided they fulfil the criteria for PhD admission at Monash University. Details of eligibility requirements to undertake a PhD at ARMI are available at .

Candidates will be required to meet Monash entry requirements, which include English-language skills.

Successful applicants will be expected to enrol no later than1 June 2019.

Submit your expression of interest to DrJennifer Zenker (Jennifer. Zenker@monash.


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