University Lecturer Geophysics at University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki is delighted to offer a lecturer position in oceanography. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2019.

The University of Helsinki is among the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world. In addition to its 11 faculties, the University includes several independent institutes, some of which are jointly operated with other universities. Some 35,000 students are currently pursuing an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree at the University of Helsinki.

Measured in number of students and teachers, the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki is the largest science faculty in Finland. There are some 6,000 students taking a basic degree. Out of them, some 1,000 are postgraduates. There are some 500 international students, and over 200 researchers and teachers from abroad.

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth system Research (INAR) is a multi- and interdisciplinary research unit based in physics, chemistry, meteorology and forest sciences in the University of Helsinki. INAR aims to strengthen the internationally leading, integrated multidisciplinary research environment for atmospheric and Earth system science and to feed in scientific results for the national and international environment and climate policy. It performs multiscale research from molecular to global scale and focuses on climate change, air quality, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem processes. The scientific objective of INAR is to reduce the scientific uncertainties related to climate change at global scale by quantifying the essential feedback mechanisms between the atmospheric processes and changing functioning of biosphere and to increase knowledge on air quality - climate interactions and feedback. Research and high international impact of INAR is based on the unique, comprehensive and continuous data from SMEAR field stations. INAR leads two European ESFRI research infrastructures. There are around 20 professors and 150 researchers in different career stages associated to INAR in the University of Helsinki. INAR has national partners in Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

The Faculty of Science invites applications for the position of

UNIVERSITY LECTURER IN GEOPHYSICS starting from 1 August 2019. The field of the post is the geophysics of the hydrosphere. According to the regulations of the University of Helsinki, the appointee to a university lectureship holds an applicable doctoral degree, is able to provide high-quality research-based teaching and supervise theses and dissertations. The University lecturer conducts research on some of the following sectors of geophysics: oceanography, hydrology, glaciology or interactions between hydrosphere and atmosphere. The University lecturer position is teaching-oriented and the central task of the university lecturer is to develop and carry out the curriculum of the hydrosphere geophysics for the Master level study programme in collaboration with the responsible professor. The University lecturer participates in the supervision of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral theses. Furthermore, the University lecturer is expected to prepare and coordinate of research projects, and write and submit applications of external funding.

When assessing the qualifications of the applicants, attention is paid to scientific publications and other research results of scientific value, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning materials, other teaching merits and, if necessary, a teaching demonstration.

According to the Government Decree on Universities, University lecturers are required to be proficient in Finnish. They must also have at least satisfactory spoken and written skills in Swedish. Foreign citizens, non-native Finnish citizens or citizens who have not been educated in Finnish or Swedish may be exempted from this requirement without a separate application. In practice, sufficient skills in Finnish to develop Bachelor level teaching are needed.

The salary is based on the salary system of Finnish universities. The salary range is from 3700 - 5000 euros per month.

1) an academic portfolio approved by the Faculty (as set out at…) containing a summary of supervision duties of master's and doctoral theses and a presentation on how the applicant plans to develop his/her field and its teaching; 2) a list of those publications (or a full publication list) and other relevant documents on competence and merits that the applicant wishes to be taken into account in the selection process. Please submit your application using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via the link Apply for job. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal.

Further information can be obtained from Professor Petteri Uotila,

tel+358-44-0180710, petteri.uotila(at)


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