PhD Scholarship Position in Machine Learning Deep Learning

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship at Uppsala University. The initial contract for this position is five years. This position is closed on March 01, 2019.

Deep learning and probabilistic programming. This project focuses on the design and development of models and algorithms for deep neural networks (deep learning). Furthermore, we are interested in the combination of deep neural networks and probabilistic programming technology (a relatively new paradigm within machine learning). The research has relevance in application areas where quantification of uncertainty is especially important, such as for example various applications in medicine. The doctoral student will work on topics including models, probabilistic inference algorithms, and possibly optimization. The project will take place in collaboration Prof. David Broman working on programming languages at KTH. There will be a companion PhD student in the project at KTH. This project is funded by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), which means that you will be part of an exciting and attractive network. The highest ranked candidates will be nominated to the WASP committee, who takes the final decision if a candidate is funded in the project.

A PhD position at the Division requires a Master of Science or equivalent in a field that is relevant to the topic of the PhD thesis, good communication skills and excellent study results, as well as sufficient proficiency in oral and written English. Experience in machine learning or computational statistics is valued. The position is for a maximum of five years and includes departmental duties at a level of at most 20 % (typically teaching).


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