PhD Scholarship in Ecology at Stockholm University

Applications are invited for a PhD position in arthropods to join Stockholm University, Sweden. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for 2 years in Sweden. Eligible candidates should submit the applications before February 15, 2019.

Project description

Ongoing climatic change has strong effects on northern ecosystems. The arctic fox is threatened to go extinct in Scandinavia even if the population recently has increased as a response to intensive actions. Even small changes in the ecosystem can result in drastic changes. The climatic warming in northern areas can affect the arctic fox population in many ways through a loss of habitat, changes in food resources, predators and parasites. This can influence the demography, evolutionary and genetic change in the arctic fox.

We will study the life history of arctic foxes with a demographic, evolutionary or genetic perspective and test to what extent this is related to climate change and global warming. We will also use the conservation actions that currently take place to support the arctic fox population in Scandinavia. The PhD position is financed by Fjllrven International AB and the department of Zoolology. We hope to start the project during the spring of 2019.

We are searching for a candidate with a background in ecology that can work independently in both the field and on the lab. Experience in field work, lab work, analyses in statistics and GIS data is meriting.

Qualification requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements, the applicant must have completed a second-cycle degree, completed courses equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits, of which 60 credits must be in the second cycle, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or elsewhere.

In order to meet the specific entry requirements, the general syllabus for doctoral studies in the field of Ecology stipulates that the applicant must have completed a research degree (e.g. Master's) or have passed at least 120 hp (2 years) of biological studies, including an approved independent project of at least 30 hp at advanced level ("examensarbete") within ecology or a related subject. Applicants who have in principle acquired the corresponding competence in Sweden or in another country are also qualified.

The qualification requirements must be met by the deadline for applications.


The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on their capacity to benefit from the training. Among qualified applicants, selection is made with respect to the ability and experience of the candidate in the subject. Criteria used to assess this ability are: the applicant's documented knowledge within the described research area, the candidate's capabilities with regards to speaking and writing in English, analytical thinking, creativity, initiative, independence, and team work performance. The applicant's earlier experience within the field of research can be of relevance especially when further documented by university courses, independent research work, personal references, interview and an application indicating the applicant's motivation in written form.

Admission Regulations for Doctoral Studies at Stockholm University are available at: and regulations.

Only a person who will be or has already been admitted to a third-cycle programme may be appointed to a doctoral studentship.

The term of the initial contract may not exceed one year. The employment may be extended for a maximum of two years at a time. However, the total period of employment may not exceed the equivalent of four years of full-time study.

Doctoral students should primarily devote themselves to their own education, but may engage in teaching, research, and administration corresponding to a maximum of 20 % of a full-time position.

Please note that admission decisions cannot be appealed.

Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.


For more information, please contact Karin Norn, telephone: +46 8 16 40 34,, or Anders Angerbjrn, telephone: +46 8 16 40 35,


Apply for the PhD student position at Stockholm University’s recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.


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