PhD Scholarship at University of Ghent

University of Ghent is pleased to invite applicants to apply for a PhD position in catalysis. The deadline for applying is January 31, 2019.

The PhD is part of a FWO-SBO project, PlasmaCatDesign. The aim is to develop design rules for catalytically activated packing materials to enhance plasma-activated gas phase conversion reactions to basic chemicals. By understanding the material properties-activity correlation we target enhanced conversion, selectivity and energy efficiency of plasma driven chemical production for two selected industrially and environmentally relevant model reactions in which plasma catalysis can have specific advantages: (1) selective CO2 conversion towards C1-C3 (oxygenated) hydrocarbons (CCU) and (2) inorganic amine synthesis (hydroxylamine, NO/NO2) (N-fixation). Structured hierarchical packing materials/catalysts will be prepared in this project, through advanced manufacturing, coating and activation of plasma-catalytic packing material.

The role of this PhD is the catalytic activation by depositing catalyst nanoparticles on (coated) support structures (spherical structures and 3DFD structures, made available by VITO) and characterization of the catalyst systems. Mono- and bimetallic catalytic particles will be deposited onto selected materials and according to different developed deposition recipes and methods. The hybrid catalysts will be tested as packed materials in a dielectric barrier reactor at the University of Antwerp.

The research will be conducted under supervision of prof. dr. ir. An Verberckmoes (INCAT, FEA, UGent).

Regular meetings will be organized with the other partners and researchers involved in the SBO project from University Antwerp (PLASMANT, LADCA), Hasselt University (IMO) and VITO.


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