Phd-position Within Renewable Energy Risk Analysis of Wave Energy Conversion

A new opening PhD position is available at Uppsala University, Sweden. Candidates are welcome before February 28, 2019.

The division for electricity represents Sweden's leading research group in renewable electric energy conversion, and one of the leading groups in Ocean Energy in the world. Within the division, research activities are ongoing in several key areas of renewable energy, such as wind, wave, tidal and hydro power. The current global situation with fossil fuels as the main source of energy is unsustainable and the reason why new technologies need to be developed.

Project description: This PhD project will focus on extreme forces and risk analysis of wave energy converters via numerical, analytical and physical modeling. The PhD students will develop physical models and simulation tools and conduct small scale experiments. Force data shall be generated, analyzed and the probability of failures in mechanical subsystems subjected to extreme loads shall be defined and the data's reliability assessed. The goal with this project is to improve survivability and reliability of critical mechanical components of wave energy converters and to give guidelines on robust and cost effective dimensioning of mechanical components.


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