Expression of Interest PhD Scholarship Local Action in Governing The Un Sustainable Development Goals

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship in sustainable development at Monash University. The funding allows successful candidate to work for three years. Applications should be sent before February 28, 2019.

A competitive scholarship is available to undertake full-time PhD research as part of the Local SDGs project, based at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) in Melbourne.

The PhD student will work alongside an interdisciplinary team of Monash and Deakin researchers, as well as other PhD students on the project who are based at Deakin University. The student will engage with local communities in the case study areas in Australia.

The Local SDGs project has different components, including modelling, analytical work and community engagement. The Monash-based PhD student will focus on the social science components of the project and will explore the scope and challenges for local action in governing the SDGs, and develop knowledge and approaches to enable local engagement. This recognises that while the goals were adopted by world leaders, achieving them requires a deep understanding, appreciation and adaptation of bottom-up actions and strategies.

The Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) otherwise known as Agenda 2030, are a set of 17 goals that address universal issues related to economic growth (e.g. jobs, infrastructure), society (e.g. education, inequality) and environmental sustainability (e.g. climate, biodiversity). They were set by the UN as a call for action by all countries. All UN Member States adopted the goals in 2015, with the aim to achieve them by 2030.

While the goals are global in their scope, their success will depend on how local communities will engage with them. This engagement is likely to differ depending on local contexts such as policy agenda's, governance arrangements, skills sets or the availability of financial resources. Local communities are concerned about the future as change is occurring more rapidly than at any time in human history. Communities are asking how they can be more resilient, cleaner and greener, without sacrificing economic prosperity.

The Local Sustainable Development Goals (Local SDGs) project will work with local communities in Australia to understand how they can engage with the SDGs in their local area. The project will identify and co-create potential pathways for realising the SDGs suited to a specific local context, and explore the economic, social and environmental impacts and trade-offs of those pathways.

The project is a collaboration between Monash University and Deakin University, and includes several industry and community partners.

The expected start date of the PhD student is April-July 2019, and the end date is April-July 2022. The scholarship is available for three years.

The supervisory team includes Dr Shirin Malekpour (Primary Supervisor) and Prof. Rob Raven from Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and a third supervisor from Deakin University (to be confirmed).

This opportunity is open to both domestic and international applicants.

Applications that do not meet all of the above conditions, will not be considered.

Application is through an online system. Please do notemail your applications to the supervisors or the institute, as emailed applications will not be considered.

You can submit your application via this link.

The link will direct you to an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. It includes a series of questions about your background, academic qualifications, jobs, and English language proficiency. There is also a question with regard to your interest in this PhD project. You need to explain (in max. 250 words) why you are interested in this project.

Candidates will be shortlisted in regard to their potential for research excellence and relevance of past experience and training. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an oral interview. One successful candidate will be issued an 'Invitation to Apply'.


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