Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Lund University

A new professor position in human resources is available at Lund University. All candidates regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply before February 11, 2019.

The Faculty of Medicine is a part of Lund University, and is responsible for education and research within medicine and healthcare. Our academic programs are closely linked with the healthcare system and are firmly anchored in the faculty's strong research tradition. Our research spans a broad field within experimental preclinical research, near-patient clinical research and health sciences research. The Faculty of Medicine, with its 1,800 employees and 2,700 students in Lund and Malm, is a knowledge-intensive meeting place for students, teachers and researchers from all over the world.

The position and the research activities are located at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund. Qualified applicants have the opportunity to combine the position with employment as a specialist physician/consultant.

Work duties

The work duties mainly include research and third cycle education within clinical obstetrics and gynaecology, particularly research within intrauterine development, prenatal diagnostics and foetal therapy, but also teaching on the faculty's various study programmes in the first, second and third cycles.

The work duties presume good knowledge of the subject. The successful applicant is expected to attract external grants and to conduct their own qualified research. The successful applicant is also expected to carry out other work duties normally included in a position as professor, such as administrative duties, internal and external elected office, and representation of the subject both nationally and internationally.

Active contribution to external engagement activities to increase the visibility of new research findings in the media as well as among patients and relatives is also included in the position. Further work duties may also arise.


Pursuant to Chapter 4 Section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance, a person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor. To qualify for the position, applicants must have undergone at least five weeks' training in teaching and learning in higher education, or acquired equivalent knowledge in some other way, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

In order to obtain a combined employment position, the applicant must have clinical specialist qualifications in obstetrics and gynaecology and be working in public healthcare at a high level of responsibility.

This also requires the applicant to possess a knowledge of Swedish necessary to practise the medical profession (in accordance with the National Board of Health and Welfare's definition which also accepts equivalent knowledge of Norwegian or Danish).

For teaching staff at Lund University, a general qualification requirement is being suited to and having the general ability required to complete the duties of the post well.

Grounds for assessment

The applicant is to have demonstrated research and teaching expertise of significance for the subject. In the assessment, particular emphasis will be placed on research expertise.

The applicant is to have demonstrated research expertise by maintaining a high national and international level as a researcher specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology, obtaining research grants in national competition as a principal applicant, have well-documented expertise as a research supervisor and experience of innovation, utilisation and implementation of research results, as well as being cooperation-oriented in their activities as a researcher.

Research qualifications in intrauterine development and prenatal diagnostics are particularly highly regarded, especially with regard to research into the foetal brain and foetal circulation and practical experience of foetal therapy.

The applicant is to have demonstrated teaching expertise in both tuition and supervision, in the first, second and third cycles of study.

Furthermore, the applicant is to demonstrate the ability to lead and develop the organisation (leadership ability), a capacity to collaborate and a proven capacity to cooperate with wider society and to communicate their research.

In addition to the prescriptions by the Higher Education Ordinance and the Rules and regulations for academic appointments at Lund University, the General requirements profile and assessment criteria for employment as Professor to the faculty of medicine also apply, see:


The appointment will be made after preparation in the Academic Appointments Board.

For furtherinformation please contact: DeanErik Renstrm, phone +46 46 222 80 84, or

Prefect Mikael Bodelsson, phone +46 46 17 19 42,

Information on application formalities: Human Resource ManagerKajsa Johnsson

+46 46 22208 22,


The position is applied for through the link presented in the vacancy notice no later than theFebruary 112019.

The application should be formulated according to the Faculty of Medicines instruction for applicants, see: of qualifications for lecturers and create a CV)

The applicant's name may be listed on the Faculty's homepage unless the applicant has disagreed to this.

The application should be written in English as international evaluators may be consulted.

Lund University welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We regard genderequality and diversity as a strength and an asset.We kindly decline all sales and marketing contacts.


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