Postdoctoral Position Establishment of Gene Editing Therapies for The Treatment of Monogenic Liver Diseases

ETH Zurich is delighted to offer a postdoctoral researcher position in molecular biology. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

The ETH Zrich (Prof. Gerald Schwank) and Children's Hospital Zrich (Prof. Johannes Hberle, Prof. Beat Thny) are conducting a collaborative project on the development of gene editing therapies for Urea Cycle Disorders, and are seeking for a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to join their team. Postdoctoral Position: Establishment of Gene Editing Therapies for the Treatment of Monogenic Liver Diseases

Urea cycle disorders are monogenic liver diseases caused by mutations in one of the enzymes or transporters of the urea cycle. The resulting accumulation of neurotoxic ammonia can lead to irreversible brain damage, coma and death. The CRISPR/Cas9 base editor technology enables direct conversion of single nucleotides, and we could recently demonstrate that base editors can be used to efficiently correct disease-causing mutations in the liver (Villiger et al., Nat. Med. 2018). Using patient-derived cells, mouse models and pigs, the successful candidate will develop novel in vivo base editor approaches, and assess their safety for clinical application in patients.

We are seeking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher. Applicants should hold a MD, MD/PhD or PhD degree and should have a strong background in molecular biology, mouse genetics, and/or CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering. Previous experience in working on metabolic liver diseases is an additional plus. The applicant should have a collaborative spirit, should be highly motivated, and dedicated to perform research of the highest quality. The position is located between the Institute of Molecular Health Sciences at the ETH Hnggerberg and the Children's Hospital Zrich, a world leading institution for the study of pediatric metabolic liver diseases.


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