Postdoc Position in Photonic Condensation at Imperial College London

Imperial College London is delighted to offer a postdoctoral fellowship position in semiconductors. This position is available for 6 months in the first instance. Applicants should apply before February 11, 2019.

Applications are invited for a Research Associate to join our research team working across the Experimental Solid State Group and Quantum Optics and Laser Science Group within the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. The project involves original experimental research on the condensation of photons in microcavities. This work is funded under an EPSRC grant on "Near-equilibrium thermalised quantum light" and an EU consortium "PHOtonic QUantum Simulators" (PhoQuS) providing the opportunity to work alongside leading researchers throughout Europe in this field.

The team will consist of an experimental Research Associate (this position), the Investigators (Dr. Robert Nyman, Dr. Florian Mintert and Dr. Rupert Oulton), one theoretical Research Associate, and up to four research students, working on both theory and experiment. The scientific background to thermalisation and condensation of photons in microcavities can be read about in a recent review. Recent results from our group can be found in the publication lists of Robert Nyman and Florian Mintert, including articles in 2018 in Phys Rev Lett and Nature Physics The project aims to move the field forward through several sub-projects on: 1. Two-time quantum correlations 2. Thermalisation and condensation of light in inorganic semiconductor microcavity 3. Novel planar resonators for condensation of light. 4. Non-linear optical materials for superfluidity of light in microcavities 5. Transport and superfluidity of one-dimensional driven-dissipative Bose gases of light and the search for dissipative Anderson localisation of light. You will be self-motivated and be able to work alongside and assist graduate students. You will also be responsible for driving a number of the experimental research projects highlighted above. You will be expected to collaborate with our theoretical team.

You will have a PhD (or equivalent) in Physical Sciences or a closely related discipline.

In addition, you must be able to demonstrate the following essential criteria: - Experience in Quantum Optics - Experience in experimental inorganic semiconductor optoelectronics or photonics - Evidence of outstanding promise and originality in research, demonstrated by a good publication record, commensurate with your career stage - The ability to work independently. In addition to above, experience in the following areas would be advantageous - Microcavity physics - Nonlinear optics - Numerical electromagnetic modelling - Ultrafast pump probe measurements - Imaging and Microscopy - Microfabrication and Nanofabrication Further information


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