PhD Studentship in Metal Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic and Light-emission Applications

A new opening PhD position in nanotechnology is available at University of Surrey, UK. This position is open until filled.

A studentship is available in the field of photovoltaic solar cells and optoelectronic devices. Metal halide perovskites have emerged as a rising star among various semiconductor materials in the past few years owing to their low cost, solution processability and fascinating combination of material properties, which enable a broad range of photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. Accompanied by the success in photovoltaic community that has witnessed a certified power conversion efficiency of 22.7%, the rapid advancement is also achieved in the areas of light-emitting diodes, lasers, photodetectors, and solar-to-fuel energy conversion devices. This project aim to develop next generation stable and high performance perovskite materials for energy conversion applications.

Dr Wei Zhang joined Advanced Technology Institute at University of Surrey as a Lecturer in Energy Technology since April 2017. He completed his PhD at National University of Singapore, working on the solid-state dye sensitized solar cells. He then moved to Clarendon Laboratory at University of Oxford for his postdoctoral research, working on perovskite solar cells collaborating with Prof. (FRS) Henry J. Snaith. Dr Zhang' main research interest includes high efficiency and low-cost photovoltaic devices, fabrication of various nano-structures (1D, 2D semiconductor electrodes, plasmonic materials, photonic crystals, anti-reflective coatings), and exploring prospective energy materials for solar cell and optoelectronic applications.

The ideal candidate would have an interest in energy materials and photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices, with a good combination of experimental skills, and be willing to explore new research areas. Experience in inorganic synthetic chemistry, semiconductor physics, optical and electrical characterizations, nanofabrication, solution-processing of materials, flexible and printed electronics would be advantageous.

The position will be held in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a leading UK department in the fields of nanotechnology, electronics fabrication and measurement. The University of Surrey has been named University of the Year in 2015. Supervising the work will be Dr Wei Zhang, photovoltaic materials and device expert and Emerging Young Investigator in 2017.

All Surrey PhD researchers are supported and encouraged in the development of their technical and transferrable skills through training and mentoring programs.

Applicants must have a masters degree or first class undergraduate (or equivalent) in Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics or Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the time of start of the PhD. The post is open for home-fee qualifying applicants.

Formal applications must be made through our programme page.

For any information on this position, do not hesitate to contact Dr Wei Zhang, Email:


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