PhD Scholarship in Medical Radiation Physics with A Focus on Radiotherapy Physics

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD position in environmental sciences at Lund University. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for four years in Sweden. Candidates are welcome before January 02, 2019.

The Faculty of Science conducts research and education within Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty is organized into nine departments, gathered in the northern campus area. The Faculty has approximately 1500 students, 330 PhD students and 700 employees.

The department of Medical Radiation Physics is engaged in research and education in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, and its use mainly in medical applications. The major areas are radiation therapy, X-ray diagnostics, nuclear medicine including both diagnostics and therapy, as well as magnetic resonance imaging. Dosimetry and health aspects are of central importance in all of these areas. The research activities are mainly clinically oriented and often pursued in close cooperation with Skne University Hospital.

The Radiotherapy Physics research group aims at the development of personalized, adaptive radiotherapy, where the treatment is planned and delivered based on continuous dosimetric and radiobiological assessments. With this goal we strive to optimize the clinical processes for multi-modality imaging and active motion management, improving the dosimetric methods for treatment planning, delivery and verification with high precision in space and time, and advancing our radiobiological understanding to enable accurate modelling and prediction of the response of target and risk organs to fractionated radiotherapy.

We aim to advance the activities in the area of motion management, involving development of simulation tools and measurement techniques. We aim to answer important questions concerning the individual optimization of radiotherapy with respect to relevant machine- and patient induced motions not yet taken into consideration in existing treatment planning systems. We are looking for a doctoral student in Medical Radiation Physics with a focus on radiotherapy physics, for project work within simulation and dosimetry for various patient and machine related motions during proton and photon therapy.

The main task of the successful applicant is to engage in her/his own research education, which includes participation in research projects as well as postgraduate courses. The assignments also include participation in teaching and supervision in the Medical Physics education program, and in other institutional work (equivalent to a maximum of 20%). The research task will mainly focus on development of simulation tools for various motions and delivery techniques as well as development of dosimetric methods for 4D measurement. By performing these 4D simulations and measurements the employee is expected to generate a more real picture of the dose distributions and incorporate these in the optimization of individual treatment.

The employee will work in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team at Skne University hospital. The focus of the project lies in the field of Radiotherapy Physics, and the operations are located at the department of Medical Radiation Physics in Lund. The experimental part of the work will mainly be carried out on the Radiotherapy department at Skne University hospital, but also at other clinics that offer proton therapy.

The applicant will have to fulfil basic as well as special eligibility requirements for doctoral studies in medical radiation physics. Basic eligibility is fulfilled by the student who has obtained a degree at advanced level, has completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits at advanced level, or in some other way within or outside the country acquired essentially equivalent knowledge. Special eligibility is fulfilled by the student who has completed a university degree in Medical Physics (or equivalent foreign degree) or has completed another university education for basic qualifications (240 higher education credits) and has undergone courses with at least 60 higher education credits, directly relevant to the doctoral student education at the postgraduate level and completed a thesis of at least 30 higher education credits.

Great emphasis is placed on good cooperation and ability to benefit from the education.

Students with basic eligibility for third-cycle studies are those who- have completed a second-cycle degree- have completed courses of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits are from second-cycle courses, or- have acquired largely equivalent knowledge in some other way, in Sweden or abroad.

The employment of doctoral students is regulated in the Swedish Code of Statues 1998: 80. Only those who are or have been admitted to PhD-studies may be appointed to doctoral studentships. When an appointment to a doctoral studentship is made, the ability of the student to benefit from PhD-studies shall primarily be taken into account. In addition to devoting themselves to their studies, those appointed to doctoral studentships may be required to work with educational tasks, research and administration, in accordance with specific regulations in the ordinance.

The application should be made online. An incomplete applicationwillnot be processed.

Type of employment

Limit of tenure, four years according to HF 5 kap 7.


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