PhD Scholarship in Discovery Engineering and Application of Transport Systems Via Adaptive Laboratory Evolution

A new PhD position in computational biology is available at Technical University of Denmark. The funds for this fellowship are available for 3 years. Applications are welcome before January 01, 2019.

PhD scholarship in Discovery, Engineering, and Application of Transport Systems via Adaptive Laboratory Evolution

The Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) Group harnesses the power of biology to self-optimize under selective pressures and applies this concept to obtain strains with useful industrial and applied phenotypes.

The goal of the ALE Group is to utilize laboratory evolution in the design and build phase of the strain construction process, as well as to uncover key unknowns in relevant microbial species, efficiently to discover and generate what is not possible with other approaches.

The PhD candidate will (i) perform Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) studies using E. coli and other production organisms on an automated platform on various metabolites and environments, (ii) perform whole-genome resequencing of evolved strains and analyze the causality of confirmed mutations, (iii) characterize evolved and engineered mutant strains of interest phenotypically in a bench-top shake-flask and bioreactor environment, and (iv) report the findings and outcomes in peer-reviewed publications and patent applications with the goal of uncovering unknown transporters and their physiological and bioprocessing importance. The successful candidate is a talented, highly skilled, and self-motivating person who enjoys working in an international and interdisciplinary environment. Excellent bacterial culture techniques and analytical skills are essential. A physics or engineering background is highly desirable. Furthermore, previous experience with automated biotechnology platforms is required. Proficient command in oral and written English communication is a prerequisite.

Candidates should have a two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master’s degree.

Candidates master’s degree should be in engineering or a similar field.

The scholarship for the PhD degree is subject to academic approval, and the candidate will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes at DTU. For information about our enrolment requirements and the general planning of the PhD study programme, please see the

The assessment of the applicants will be made by Senior Researcher Adam Feist (DTU Biosustain) and Professor Markus Herrgrd (DTU Biosustain)

DTU is a leading technical university globally recognized for the excellence of its research, education, innovation and scientific advice. We offer a rewarding and challenging job in an international environment. We strive for academic excellence in an environment characterized by collegial respect and academic freedom tempered by responsibility.

The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed upon with the relevant union. The period of employment is 3 years.

You can read more about

Please do not send applications to this e-mail address, instead apply online as described below.

You can read more about the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability on

Please submit your online application no later thanthe 1 January 2019 (local time).

To apply, please open the link “Apply online”, fill out the online application form.

If relevant, you may add additional documents to the list above, e.g., a Research Statement

Candidates may apply prior to obtaining their master’s degree but cannot begin before having received it.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender,race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

DTU Biosustain is an international research center of excellence developing next generation cell factories and bioprocesses for sustainable production of high-value chemical compounds as well as protein-based products. The center uses advanced metabolic engineering techniques and computational biology ensuring efficient and cost-effective design and construction processes. The center's activities are a balanced mix of basic and translational research, complemented by an emphasis on business development to facilitate commercialization of new cell factories and associated technologies. DTU Biosustain offers state-of-the-art research facilities and assembles world leaders in the field thus offering a unique platform providing excellent talent development and career opportunities.


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