Postdoctoral Postdoc Position at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

A new postdoc position is available at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Applications will be evaluated immediately.

Laboratory that investigates the molecular mechanisms of brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. Advanced molecular, cell biological, imaging, and biochemical equipment used. Procedures performed in cell free, cell culture and in mouse models. This position will investigate the molecular mechanisms of progenitor and neuronal development in mammalian brain and in neurodevelopmental disorders. The successful candidate will have knowledge in neuroscience with familiarity in cell biological, biochemical and molecular techniques. The candidate is willing to work with small animals and has experience in advanced in vitro and in vivo live cell imaging techniques. Research activities include execution of experiments, analysis of data, act as the point person for new projects, and support for ongoing projects in the lab. The critical responsibility will be to spearhead the progress of multiple studies aimed towards the characterization of fundamental mechanisms underlying normal and aberrant brain development. Independent reading and formulation of specific projects is helpful. Ability to rapidly implement new approaches and techniques is necessary. Cellular, molecular, biochemical and in vitro culture techniques are essential. Furthermore, the person will be charged with development of new molecular reagents and approaches and the person must be able to work efficiently and independently.


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