Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical and Observational Astrophysics

Lund University, Sweden is inviting excellent candidates to apply for a postdoctoral researcher position in environmental sciences. The funding allows successful candidates to work for 3 years in the first instance. The deadline to apply is December 17, 2018.

The Faculty of Science conducts research and education within Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty is organized into nine departments, gathered in the northern campus area. The Faculty has approximately 1500 students, 330 PhD students and 700 employees.

The activities of the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics are centred around three main areas: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Theoretical Particle Physics; and Computational Biology and Biological Physics. Our research is driven by our curiosity to understand reality, from the smallest of particles to the largest astronomical structures, as well as the structure of Life itself. We have a strong international position in all three areas, and we are actively working on further strengthening our international profile.

Astronomers at Lund Observatory carry out a broad range of research in astrophysics. In particular we study the formation and growth of galaxies and their contents, including single and binary stars and planetary systems.

Theoretical astrophysics at Lund encompasses planet formation and dynamics, galaxy formation, galactic dynamics and evolution, star formation and dynamics, binary stellar evolution, and high-energy astrophysics. We have strong observational links, including involvement in the ESA missions Gaia, CHEOPS, PLATO and LISA, and participation in ground-based surveys including 4MOST and WEAVE.

Observational work in Lund focusses on understanding the Milky Way as a galaxy. To that end we are engaged both in exploiting data from Gaia and preparing for future facilities. In particular, Lund is a member of both the 4MOST ( and WEAVE ( spectroscopic surveys. Together these surveys will obtain spectra of tens of millions of stars, providing data such as radial velocities and elemental abundances.

We are now looking to hire a postdoctoralfellow to strengthen our studies in theoretical and observational astrophysics. We are open to applicants with a broad range of backgrounds, both observational and theoretical, and diverse research interests, to work with researchers at Lund Observatory on the topics described above. The position is for two years with a possibility of a one-year extension.

Successful candidates will work together with researchers in the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, and also pursue their own research programmes. Emphasis will be put on the ability of candidates to formulate an independent research programme describing planned collaborations with with researchers in Lund as well as elsewhere.

Postdoctoral fellow positions are research-focused appointments intended to form early stages of a science career. The applicants should hold a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics or equivalent. The PhD must be not older than 3 years at the deadline for the application. The applicant should have documented research, e.g. published scientific papers, in an area of research relevant to the scientific activities described above.

The application is done online. Candidates should upload a CV, publication list, and a statement of research interest by December 13, 2018. The statement of research interest should include the applicant’s plans for their own research that they wish to carry out in Lund, and an explanation of how they would collaborate with senior researchers at Lund Observatory. Names and contact information for three persons willing to give references should also be supplied.


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