Postdoc in Turbine Aerodynamics at Lund University

Lund University is pleased to invite applicants to apply for a postdoc position in power engineering. The funding allows successful candidate to work for 2 years. The deadline for applying is November 22, 2018.

LTH forms the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, with approximately 9 000 students. The research carried out at LTH is of a high international standard and we are continuously developing our teaching methods and adapting our courses to current needs.

Work description

The main duties involved in a post-doctoral posistion is to conduct research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours. The position shall include the opportunity for three weeks of training in higher education teaching and Learning.

The work scope of the postdoc contains research on small highly loaded steam turbines and radial in-flow turbines. The research contains both design aspects of the mentioned turbines in 1D and 2D as well as CFD-analysis. One additional part is work on wet expansion in radial turbines and development of moisture/condensate removal features. The design part will be carried out with both commercial (Concepts NREC and Ansys WB) and in-house tools. A part of the work is focused on partial-arc admission for small scale steam turbines. Some teaching duties on the mentioned subjects are natural parts of the position.

Qualification requirements

Eligibility for employment as postdoc in Fluid Mechanics/Thermal Power Engineering requires a PhD-degree or equivalent. The PhD-degree must not be older than three years by the application deadline. The subject of the PhD-thesis must be within the research field, hence relevant for turbomachinery.

Basis of Assessment

This is a career development position primarily focused on research. The position is intended as an initial step in a career, and the assessment of the applicants will primarily be based on their research qualifications and potential as researchers. Particular emphasis will be placed on research skills within the subject.

In the assessment of the candidates, special emphasis will be directed towards the scientific skill within the subject of turbomachinery, design of turbomachinery, design- and analysis tools and fluid mechanics/aerodynamics. The candidate should have a relevant knowledgebase in energy and preferably in low-temperature cycles. Relevant competence in two-phase flow modelling is beneficial since a part of the scope is related to moisture removal.

Consideration will also be given to good collaborative skills, drive and independence, and how the applicant's experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research within the department, and how they stand to contribute to its future development.

This is a full-time, fixed-term employment of a maximum of 2 years. The period of employment is determined in accordance with the agreement “Avtal om tidsbegrnsad anstllning som postdoktor” (“Agreement on fixed-term employment as a post-doctoral fellow”) between Lund University, SACO-S, OFR/S and SEKO, dated 4 september 2008.

Instructions on how to apply

Application shall be written in English. Please draw up the application in accordance with LTH’s Academic qualifications portfolio – see link below. Upload the application as PDF-files in the recruitment system.

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