Associate Senior Lecturer in Medicine Neuroimaging in Neurodegenerative Diseases

A new opening lecturer position in radiology is available at Lund University, Sweden. The funding allows successful candidate to work for 5 years. The deadline for applying is November 21, 2018.

The Faculty of Medicine is a part of Lund University, and is responsible for education and research within medicine and healthcare. Our academic programs are closely linked with the healthcare system and are firmly anchored in the faculty's strong research tradition. Our research spans a broad field within experimental preclinical research, near-patient clinical research and health sciences research. The Faculty of Medicine, with its 1,800 employees and 2,700 students in Lund and Malm, is a knowledge-intensive meeting place for students, teachers and researchers from all over the world.

The position

In this tenure track position call, we address outstanding young scientists with international research experience in the field of neuroimaging with focus on neurodegenerative disease, mainly dementia diseases. The position is financed by the strategic research area Multipark ( funded by the Swedish government. Building on the strong tradition of cutting edge research

on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases at Lund University, Multiparks vision is to create new and innovative strategies for improved and novel treatments, disease modifications and eventually cures forneurode generative diseases, in order to improve the quality of life for people living and ageing with these disorders.

The position is located within the Faculty of Medicine at the Institution for Clinical

Sciences Lund in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and is time limited to four years with the possibility for promotion to Senior Lecturer. An operational grant of 1 MSEK (100.000)/year is included.

The successful candidate

To be considered, candidates should have a PhD or relevant post graduate qualification and vast expertise in neuroimaging of patients with neurodegenerative disorders, comprising magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or positron emission tomography (PET), in neurodegenerative disorders, especially dementia disorders. Substantial experience in high-resolution structural MRI of brain atrophy, particularly the medial temporal lobe, is of particular merit considering the availability of the national

facility of 7 Tesla MRI in Lund. Further, experience in the development of optimized methodologies for PET data quantification could also be of particular merit. Involvement in leading international research collaborations is of clear merit. The successful applicant will have an outstanding scientific record confirming the ability to conduct high quality peer reviewed research and to acquire funding.

Job description

The successful applicant will initiate and maintain a strong research program in the area of human neuroimaging in neurodegenerative diseases, with research and research supervision as main assignments. The successful applicant will be involved in scanning of patients with PET and MRI, but does not have to be involved in the actual health care, and thereby a license in medicine or similar is not mandatory for this position. In the research the Up to 20% of the employment can be devoted to teaching at the faculty on graduate as well as postgraduate level so that the criteria for promotion to a tenure position as Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor can be fulfilled within four years. Other duties may be added and the successful candidate is expected to take on the role of an active collaborator within Multipark.


According to Chapter 4, Section 12a of the Higher Education Ordinance and local collective agreement on career development reg. no PE 2013/365, a person is qualified for appointment if the applicant holds a PhD or has corresponding research expertise. Priority should be given candidates who have completed their degree or achieved the corresponding competence no more than 5 years before the last date for

applications. Absences after the PhD due to illness, parental leave or trade/student union positions will be taken into account. This means that applicants who obtained their PhD more than five years ago may take precedence. The assessment is individual. Applicants who want to report reasons for absence are to attach a PDF to the electronic application titled: SurnameFirstname_Absence_PA2018/3288” The

document is to include the date of the PhD degree and dates, proportions and reasons of absences.

A merit is experience of research in an international environment, preferably outside the university at which the training for PhD/corresponding was obtained as well as novelty of the scientific approach, giving added value to the existing research at the faculty within the field.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

An Associate Senior Lecturer is to be appointed on application to a permanent position as Senior Lecturer if he or she has required qualifications and is deemed to be suitable with reference to the qualifications and assessment criteria for promotion and appointment as Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine. The assessment will be made no later than 3 years and 8 months after the start of the Associated Senior Lecturer position. See: Senior Lecturer- General requirements profile and assessments criteria,

Basis for assessment

Candidates must have a strong scientific track record within the field of human neuroimaging in neurodegenerative diseases, especially dementia disorders, based on CV and publication list, including international research experience, scientific creativity and a high degree of excellence in the field. Thus assessment of the candidates will be based on their record of independently performed research within the area leading to publications at a high scientific level and grants achieved in strong competition,

novelty of the scientific approach, giving added value to the existing research and experience of research in an international environment, preferably outside the university at which the training for PhD/ corresponding was obtained. In addition, teaching credentials and administrative skills may be considered. Emphasis will, in addition, be placed on the candidates' personal suitability and the candidates' potential to become eligible for a senior lecturer position within the time frame of the associate senior lecturer position.

In addition to what is prescribed by the Higher Education Ordinance, Rules and regulations for academic appointments at Lund University also apply.

Dean Erik Renstrm, tel +46 40 391 157, E-mail: or

Information on application formalities may be obtained from recruitment officer Aldiana Sikiric, tel. +46 46 222 7196 e-mail:

The appointment will be made after preparation in the Academic Appointments Board.


The position is applied for through the link presented in the vacancy notice no later than the 21th of November 2018. The application should be formulated according to the Faculty of Medicines instruction for applicants, see: (list of qualifications for lecturers and

create a CV). The application should be written in English as international evaluators may be consulted.


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